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Amazing And Fun Facts About MathAmazing And Fun Facts About Math

Math is not a skill or a formula; it is more of a way of viewing the world through creativity and different patterns. Listed below are some mathematical facts that include puzzles, paradoxes, computations, mind-benders, and more.

Go ahead dive in and enjoy the lighter side of the mathematics. Amazing facts on math that kids, teachers, and parents would love. There are a collection of classic math jokes, overwhelming brainteasers, fun trivia that are perfect for learning.

Mathematics covers just about anything from zero to infinity. Be it rings, poles, shapes, models, curves, consistency, similarity, continuity, paradoxes… basically any subject. You name it; math has a part in it. Last but not the least, mathematics studies projections and values, trigonometry, geometry and so many other theories will not be possible without the help of mathematics.

Did you know that;

  • The first World Maths Day was held on 14 March, 2007 (Pi Day), and has since been held on the First Wednesday in March in subsequent years?
  • Around two thousand years ago, Eratosthenes estimated the correct circumference of the Earth from Egypt. Christopher Columbus later studied him and his work.
  • At the beginning of 1900, the entire world's mathematical knowledge could be written in about 80 books? However, today, it would fill more than 100,000 books.
  • Multiplying 21,978 by 4 reverses the order of the numbers: 87,912?
  • 2,520 is the smallest number that can be exactly divided by all the numbers 1 to 10?
  • According to mathematicians, there are 177,147 ways to tie a tie?

Did you know there are only four numbers [excluding one], which are the totals of the cubes of their numbers?

153 = 1^3 + 5^3 + 3^3
370 = 3^3 + 7^3 + 0^3
371 = 3^3 + 7^3 + 1^3 and
407 = 4^3 + 0^3 + 7^3 ?

Another interesting fact - a small series of numbers, which all add up to 100.

123 - 45 - 67 + 89 = 100
123 + 4 - 5 + 67 - 89 = 100
123 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 + 8 - 9 = 100
1 + 23 - 4 + 5 + 6 + 78 - 9 = 100

Another fun trick on how to guess a person’s birthday by using math…

You can show this to your mates, family or friends…or even an entire class. Ask the person to think of their birthday...and tell him or her that you will guess it without any external help...

Ask the person to take the month number from their birthday: January = 1, Feb = 2 etc.
Then multiply that number by 5.
Then ask him or her to add 6 to that number.
Next, ask him to multiply the total by 4.
Again, ask him or her to add 9.
Once again, multiply this total by 5.
As a final step, have them add to the final total the day that they were born on. In other words, if they were born on the 10th, then they add 10.

Now request them to give you the total. After receiving the total, mentally subtract 165, and you will have the day and month that they were born. Okay now go ahead and shock your friends.

Listed below is the formula, if you are wondering on the principle, or how this works;
Assume that M is the month number and D the day number. After the seven steps, the formula is…

5 (4 (5 M + 6) + 9) + D = 100 M + D + 165

Thus, if you subtract off the 165, what will remain will be the month in hundreds plus the day!

An amazing fact for multiplying by 9. It is called the Chisenbop Multiplying by 9.

Hold both of your hands in front so that the thumbs touch one another.

Now assume that the pinky finger on your left hand represents one, the left ring finger two, and so on until you right pinky finger represents ten. It is to be noted that these fingers represent the number that you wish to multiply by nine. To do so, simply put the finger down you wish to multiply by 9. The fingers on the left of the down finger signified the tens digit of the answer, while all fingers to the right indicates the ones digit.

For example, suppose you want to multiply six by nine [5 x 9]. Put the finger representing 5 down [the left hand thumb]. To the left of the down finger, you have 4 fingers up. That's your tens digit, 4, and to the right, you have 5 fingers up. That is your single or ones digit, 4. All you have to do is to put these together and you have your answer: 45. Cool isn’t it?

Now for some fun, before we close up.

What is the treat for mathematicians eat on Halloween? They ask for Pumpkin Pi!
Did you know that decimals have a point?
And, how can you make time fly? Throw a clock out the window!
Why was the math book look so unhappy? Mainly, because it had so many problems!
Have you heard the latest statistics joke? Probably!

That is all for today. Come back for more amazing facts on other subjects. Have a nice day.

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