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Interesting Facts About Our Daily Food

Fun Facts About Our Daily Food

Welcoming you all to another compilation of the amazing facts on the food that we eat on a daily basis. George Bernard Shaw, the famous writer had once said that, there is no love sincerer than food. So kids, it will be interesting to learn some fun facts about food here. Okay here we go!

  • Love for pineapple is a persistent thing amongst all kids. With its exceptional juiciness and tropical flavor, pineapple is a perfect balance of tart and sweet.
  • Do you know what is pineapple called in Spanish? It is called “pina.” Kids have surely heard of this name before. Remember the reference to the drink- pina colada.
  • A pineapple plant can live and bear fruit for up to fifty years, in the wild. Do you know what the most interesting part is? You can grow pineapple in your own garden. Have you wondered on how you can do that? You can grow pineapple plants by slicing off the top of a pineapple and planting it in soil.
  • Do you know who grew the world’s largest pineapple? The person who grew the largest pineapple was Christine McCallum from Australia. This was recorded in 2011. This pineapple was 32 centimeters long and 66 centimeters girth.
  • Do you know what the weight of the largest pineapple was? It was a whopping 8.28 kilograms.
  • Do you know fishes help in producing beer? Isinglass is a gelation like substance, which is made from the swim bladder of the fishes. This substance is added to the unfiltered and unpasteurized beer. This helps to remove any unwanted yeast and other solid particles from the beer.
  • Do you know what is added to the orange, yellow colored food kids love to eat? The answer is coal tar. Artificially colored orange, yellow, or greenish food and drinks contain dyes in them. This dye is derived from tartrazine. Tartrazine is a food additive derived from coal tar. There are studies, which suggest that this derivative might cause hyperactivity in some children. So be careful, next time you have a colored drink!
  • Do you know what substance can help you burn fat? The answer is wood pulp. Cellulose is basically wood pulp that is processed and manufactured for food supply. This prevents food from clumping and breaking. It also allows the products to have low fat and keep their structure.
  • We all love our tasty food but there are certain foods, which are considered hazardous, and kids should stay away from them as much as possible. One of the items is butter flavored microwave popcorn. Some studies show that, these popcorns can be dangerous as it contains a chemical called diacetyl. This chemical damages the lungs when inhaled.
  • Another thing, which kids need to be aware of while consuming foods and drinks, is that most of them might have traces of arsenic in them. During the filtering process of beverages, producers use diatomaceous earth, which is a natural product. This natural product is made up of iron and metals and it includes arsenic.
  • Do you know that your favorite peanut butter can have rodent hair? Yes, the FDA allows an average of one rodent hair in 100 grams of peanut butter. Some amount of rodent hairs can be found in various food products because of mass production and big warehouses.
  • Don’t we all love pasta! Fresh pasta is often served with meat in dishes such as ravioli.
  • It is a well-known fact that dry pasta becomes twice its size, when cooked in water. It is often served with thick sauces. If the pasta is cooked properly, it will stick, when thrown on to a wall.
  • Did you know that the traditional Italian way of cooking pasta is called al dente? The ancient Romans used to fry their pastas. Also, uncooked dry pasta can be kept for over a year. Another amazing fact about pasta is that cooked pasta can be frozen and re-eaten within three months.
  • In Greek mythology, the earliest reference to a pasta maker is believed to have started with God Vulcan. He invented a device that made strings of dough. Although now a days, pasta maker can be easily found in many homes and restaurants. Today, the three most popular pasta dishes which is loved by everyone are macaroni cheese, spaghetti bolognaise and lasagna. We know that kids go crazy over these tasty dishes.

Did you know that sugarcane is a species of grass that is native to Southeast Asia? There are thirty-seven different species of sugarcane. The most amazing fact is that they all crossbreed with one another. Did you know before sugar became widely available since 18th Century, what people used for sweetening foods? It was honey. People relied on honey for sweetening food.

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