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What is it that you think of, when you look up at the stars? Obviously, the thought that we are not alone has crossed your mind at least once. There is so much to wonder about the space and the universe. Its vastness and the fact that we know, very little about it. All we know that it is beautiful in its own sense and some facts are just about mind boggling. Mentioned below is our latest compilation of some more intriguing and amazing facts about space. Go ahead and share it with your friends.

  • The comet emits a tail known as coma, which contains dust that reflects the sunlight; hence, it appears so bright in the sky.
  • Centuries ago, Earth was considered to the center of the solar system with Sun being one of the planet and Moon being the closest planet to Earth.
  • We have a program named SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) that analyzes signals coming from space to detect signs of intelligent life.
  • The comet sheds parts of the comet known as meteors at regular intervals, which can be seen from the earth.
  • The Milky Way Galaxy, in which we belong to, is amongst billion other such galaxies in space.
  • The surface of the sun is around 5,500 degree Celsius and is comparatively chillier to the temperature of the core, which can reach to temperature of 150 million degrees Celsius.
  • The thin rings around Saturn are made up of ice, tiny rocks, and dust. These rings orbit the planet around its equator.
  • The sun is not perfectly spherical in shape. However, it ranks number two after Venus.
  • The planet Jupiter completes its rotation in less than 10 hours, which indicates that the surface of the planet moves at a speed of 50,000 kmph.
  • Owing to the distance from Earth, sun light takes approximately 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach the earth’s surface.
  • The basic element that gave birth to life earth came from the space.
  • Only the outer surface of the sun shines bright. If it were to be removed, the sun would appear like a black globe of heat.
  • Saturn’s moon, Titan, shows strong evidence in abundance to prove that there exist organic chemicals (life) in its atmosphere.
  • Earth’s atmosphere is the only atmosphere, which is suitable for a human to breathe in.
  • The Big Bang caused by the meteorite is believed to have wiped away all the dinosaurs and made the Earth a little chilly.
  • Saturn is not a solid planet. It is completely made out of gas and mostly liquid helium and hydrogen. There are traces of a few rocks found in its core.
  • The winds around Saturn’s equator are 10 times stronger than the hurricanes on Earth and they swirl at the speed of 1,100 kmph. These winds never stop or lower their speeds down even for a minute.
  • Uranus’ moon, Miranda, has the weirdest surfaces of all moons. It appears to have blasted completed and then put together again.
  • Neptune’s moon, Triton, has the coldest surface temperature of -236 degrees Celsius in the whole of solar system.
  • The moon has no atmosphere or wind on its surface, therefore the footprints left on its dusty surface by the Apollo astronauts in 1961 are still preserved on it until date.
  • The brightest stars in the night sky are not the actual stars but they happen to be the planets, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus.
  • Galaxies are often seen in clusters. There can be 30 galaxies in one cluster. Hence, there is a rough estimation on the existence of 20 trillion galaxies in the whole Universe.
  • The cluster named Virgo is approximately 50 million light years away and consists of 1000 galaxies.
  • Mars has traces of dried up riverbeds, which signify the existence of water on its surface. Sometimes, ice formulation is noticeable at its poles, which indicate that there may be water under the surface of Mars.
  • Since there is no atmosphere present in the space, there will be no sound or noise ever heard because sound requires a medium to transport.
  • The planet 55 Cancri E supposedly assumed to be made up of graphite and diamonds is at a distance of 40 light years from Earth and very much visible to the naked if seen in the constellation of Cancer.
  • It is strongly believed that post 3.75 billion years; the two galaxies- Milky Way and Andromeda will collide to form a giant elliptical shaped galaxy. A far way to go!
  • The Cold Welding process that takes place in the space where two similar type of metal bond immediately on colliding with each other does not occur on planet Earth due to the presence of air and water between the pieces.
  • The largest asteroid ever discovered is 600 miles wide and is located in the Asteroid belt somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
  • Due to a collision of Earth with a giant object from space trillions of years ago, a piece of Earth was broken and it is now known as moon, which orbits the Earth due to the gravitational pull.
  • Because of the Sun’s and Moon’s gravitational force, there are tides formed on Planet Earth.

I hope the above fun and astounding facts about the space have given you a deeper understanding about the universe as a whole. However, there is so much we do not know about the universe. There is a lot discovered and much more undiscovered. Therefore, keep watching this space for more such awesome facts on space.

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