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Who Loves the RAIN?

Who Loves the RAIN?

Do you love the rain? Most of us do! Age is no bar for those who love rain! Even elders turn kids when it rains. This animated story for kids is a simple story with lots of hidden morals and teaches a lot new things to the children. Musti! We are going to watch a series of animated story for kids featuring Musti, the wonderful cat!

One evening, it rained heavily. Musti was so eager to walk in the garden. As soon as the rain stops, he asked permission from his mom! Dressed in a raincoat, Musti happily started wandering in the beautiful garden. This story is about different animals Musti meet and everyone’s view on rain!

There were lots of flowers in the garden. It slightly drizzled. A few drops of rain fall on a beautiful rose flower! Musti tried to dry the flower! A frog in a nearby pond laughed at him! He told Musti, flowers and plants need a lot of water to grow! Without water they cannot grow.

Musti asked Mr. Frog, does he love rain? Frog always lives in watery and damp areas. It is no surprise that a frog doesn’t love rain! Then there came a duck! Musti had a beautiful conversation with Duck and of course, Duck loved the rain too!

Musti met many animals in the garden. There was a Raven, a tortoise, and a dog. Among the different animals met by Musti in the garden after rain, Mr. Dog was in a great trouble. Was Musti able to help the dog? Watch the beautifully animated story!

The animation is astounding and so perfect. The pictures are vivid and audio is lucid! The video features different voices for different animals! This animated story contains many beautiful messages for kids.

To name a few, rain is essential; you should offer helping hand when someone in trouble.

And a few things kids can learn! Frogs live in water surrounded areas; tortoise can protect him from different climates with its own shell; Tortoise remains dry within its shell even when it rains heavily; Raven takes bath in the puddle and many more.

So, do you like the rain?

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