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The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling is a popular short story for kids by Hans Christian Andersen. The story begins with a mother duck hatching eggs on a beautiful sunny day. The eggs break open and little ducklings step out into the wide world. One of the little ducklings looks very different and literally ugly. It is grey in color and is bigger and stronger than the others.

The ugly duckling is teased by everyone because of its appearance. The shattered ugly duckling wanders here and there. Wherever he goes, he is humiliated for his appearance. He is teased by a cat, a hen and fellow birds. The winter is quite miserable and there is no proper shelter for the ugly duckling. The spring arrives and ugly duckling sees a group of swans. He decides to join them.

The swans are swimming in a lake. The ugly duckling wishes to join them but hesitates thinking they too would make fun of him. Accidentally, he sees his reflection in the lake. He is no more ugly looking. He has grown up into a beautiful swan and is surprised by the way he looks. The ugly duckling is not ugly anymore. He joins the group of swans, flies over beautiful lakes, forests and mountians, and lives happily.

The Ugly Duckling story is developed with colorful animations,which are fascinating. Although there are no sub-titles, the audio is crisp and comprehensible. It is a must-watch video for kids.

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