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Trials Fusion (Games, PS4)

Trials Fusion

Trials fusion is a unique and interesting game developed by Ubisoft. This is one of the sequels of the Trials Evolution series.

The game is all about an adventurous and thrilling virtual biking experience you would ever enjoy. The previous releases were so popular and the new version, Trials Fusion excels everything.

The game is set in the year 2042, where the world was drastically changed soon after the creation of Anomoly AI, which made an object fell from the sky! The welcome song in fact sets the path and creates an interest about something new to unfold soon! The game is all about riding over all hurdles with a motorcycle.

Simply it can be called a motorcycle game. However, the grand entry, chaotic land, humorous and tricky nature, etc make the motorcycle game very interesting!

The players take controls of the biker and ride over the difficult and messy land embraced by a lot of obstacles and pitfalls. You will enjoy a great gaming experience when you try the most not to let the biker fell in the violet path comprised of deserts, wild areas, sloppy hills and comic regions.

The controls are so quick and sharp, that you should be so cautious. Speed is the major goal to excel in the ride.

You have options to select your track, your character and the bike too! The game also provides an interesting part to pick your own track and design your own course to ride.

A complete adventure!

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