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The King of Laddoos - Board Game

The King of Laddoos

The buzz is all about Chota Bheem, the fictional character and the super hero of the kids in the current generation. Why not involve your kids in some fun play with Chota Bheem?

Take a look at The King of Laddoos Board Game review!

So, basically it’s a board game, fairly similar to a snake and ladder board game. The game has 40 Laddoo Cards, 11 Tun Tun Cards, 1 Laddoo Mountain, 3 Pot Laddoo Cards, 4 Pawns in different colors, and 1 Laddoos King Crown!

Chota Bheem, Laddoos and Tun Tun Aunt need no introduction.

Children can play as a team of two to four members which involves a lot of communication, fun and entertainment.

The board game is all about addition, subtraction, and counting the laddoos! Chota Bheem Laddoos are a kind of motivation for children to involve in an educational and entertaining play!

Primary feature of this game is learning basic arithmetic, addition and subtraction with Laddoos!

In addition, the game also improves the hand-eye co-ordination and ability to think better.

Learning a little bit of discipline is also a part of this board game! The cards are removed from the stack and placed it back in order, which ensure self-regulation and discipline.

When it comes to negative elements, the cards are not plastic and the quality is average. The game would have been a better board game if the cards were made using a thick board or plastic!

Still, it makes a great gift for kids as children love Chota Bheem!

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