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Spycat is a cat-and-mouse chase tale. Once upon a time, a Spycat was approached by a group of people. The Spycat was very brilliant and sharp. People approached the cat to trap Ratty, the villain who ruins the life of people. Spycat agrees to help the people and catch the rat.

The villain ratty is also brilliant and makes plans to escape from the traps set by the people. Spycat sets out to catch Ratty and he finds clues at different places. The cat should join the pieces of clues that provide a link to arrive at the whereabouts of the rat.

Spycat starts his journey to trace the rat. He visits many countries and cities and the important landmarks of the cities. For instance, he flies to Egypt and sees the great pyramids, he goes to Paris and wonders at the marvel of the Eiffel tower and much more.

Now, the climax. Spycat collects all the clues and almost reaches the hideout of the villain rat. Is he able to trap the rat? Watch the story!

Besides the cat and mouse chase story, this animated story for kids, helps children learn about different places, important cities and the landmarks or important identity of different places.

The story is available in video and flash format. You can read the story along with your kids.

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