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Soap Suds

Soap Suds

Have you ever helped your mom or dad in their chores? List out the chores that you can help your mom!

Washing, cooking, cleaning home, arranging the books, gardening, etc. You need not to do major tasks, rather just help mom and dad by doing small things. Watch Musti and how he helped his mom in washing the clothes. You know, Musti’s help ended in a disaster. It was funny indeed. To know more, read and watch the story.

Musti’s Mom was washing the clothes. Musti wanted to help him. He offered his help and told he would like to wash the handkerchief. He rinsed the dirty handkerchief in the soapy water filled in a small tub.

He pat dried the kerchief. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tortoise who passed by felt thirsty. She drank the soapy water and the trouble began! What happens when you eat or drink soap accidentally? It upset your stomach!

Mrs. Tortoise felt bad and she covered herself in her shell! Musti looked at the tub and found it was empty. He was surprised and shocked as well. He then saw silent tortoise. Not sure about what would have happened, Rabbit dropped by to help Musti.

Rabbit tried to wakeup Mrs. Tortoise. When he touched her, she released air bubble! (It was the real funny part to watch). Every time when rabbit touch her to wake her up, a soapy bubbly appear). Mrs. Tortoise came out of her shell, emitting soap bubble frequently.

Musti understood that she drank the soapy water. She tried to emit the soap bubbles. Rabbit made fun of her condition, but Musti told him not to do! (Of course you should not hurt someone and make fun of them when they are in trouble) Mr. Rabbit promised Musti to take care of her as Mrs. Tortoise was very ill.

Musti carried Mrs. Tortoise to Rabbit’s burrow. When tortoise takes good rest, she will recover!

An interesting and funny animated story to look! Soap bubbles are great!

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