Short Stories » He Maketh the Rain to Fall in Small Drops

He Maketh the Rain to Fall in Small Drops

THE title of this subject is from the Bible. When I first read this line, I did not at the moment see any- thing very special in it; but if we study the Scriptures closely, we find that there is no line amiss, nor any waste words. I may add that I believe any reasonable question may be answered out of the Bible. When you 4oiow a close reader of that sacred Book, you know one who is always prepared with a conclusive answer to any important question, and such a reader is always known as a wise person.

I think that the full meaning of the words that I have quoted were not so apparent to me before as after the great and awful flood at Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Many other equally disastrous inundations occurred in other parts of the earth at nearly the same time, but the one named will suffice to prove the meaning I have in view. The waters did not " fall in small drops " upon that place ; if they had done so, what a blessing instead of a disaster ! Imagine the result, if every time it rained the water should come down in bucketfuls ! Fruit would be destroyed, branches broken, leaves stripped off, grass and all small plants would be washed out by the roots, paths ruined by holes washed out in them. Dear me! where would trouble end or anything be left? Imagine being out in such a shower, and such large drops coming down upon you !

Can you not see the mercy and tenderness of causing "the rain to fall in small drops" ? Could we throw a pail of water up in the air, or stand on a height and pour it down so that it would " fall in small drops"? This is one example where the power of God differs from ours. He has many ways of managing water where we have but few. He can cause it to fall in such a delicate manner that the tiniest flowers are refreshed but not crushed, and their gently and instantly distilled delicate odors ascend between the falling drops and perfume the atmosphere. Often, after a shower, you will find flowers and even leaves, each holding a single sparkling drop of rain like a jewel flashing in the sun.

Many a spear of grass bending and quivering in the gently-moving breeze, balances upon its tip a shining drop.

Such sights as these have been imitated by the most skillful flower-makers for the wreaths and sprays that adorn feminine head-wear; and even queens have sought to have these beauties of nature reproduced in their richest jewels. Is it not wonderful and beautiful? And instead of children spending time studying un- profitable things, if they would employ the same time and diligence in perusing the Scriptures, asking God to open their minds that they might understand, how much better it would be ! The Lord says he loves those who speak of him and seek after his knowledge.

" In small drops." And yet by these fields are moistened, trees nourished and grow into giants, fish and many great creatures are sheltered and fed, rivers, lakes, and seas are formed. God has even fought great battles (as when the hosts of the Egyptians were overthrown and drowned in the Red Sea), and he has punished whole cities for disobeying his laws by covering them with these " small drops," and once the whole earth! We may well pause and wonder at the mighty meaning conveyed in those few words, " He maketh the rain to fall in small drops." And if so much is contained in one line, how much more, if comprehended, does the whole Bible contain!

Once I used to be greatly distressed by the high winds that prevail at some periods of the year. This fear increased, so that whenever a strong wind arose, the hours of night were one long suspense to me. Often I would walk around the room, feeling the walls to ascertain how much the house was shaking. One night I could bear my own thoughts no longer, and lighted the lamp, then opened the Bible.

The first line I read was like this : " I will lie down in peace; for thou, O Lord, makest me to sleep in safety." These words had such power and conviction to my heart that I immediately returned to my bed, and sank into a peaceful slumber. Never since that time have such fears distressed me. No assurances of friends, no inspector of buildings, and no strong walls, could have done me the good that I received from that one line of Scripture.

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