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Mr. Rabbit’s Nephews

Mr. Rabbit’s Nephews

Do you remember Mr. Rabbit, a good friend of Musti? Once, he had three nephews who visited his home. Just like you kids visit and staying at your relatives’ home during holidays, Mr. Rabbit’s nephews visited him.

This animated story is all about how Musti met the three nephews at different places in the garden, while Mr. Rabbit was sleeping in his home. Do you know the name of rabbit’s shelter?

Musti was walking in the garden. He saw a ball in the garden. Surprised to see a ball, he picked it. A blue rabbit was sitting in the garden. The ball was so big and the rabbit was too small as the ball hides the rabbit. Musti was surprised at a new rabbit in his garden. He had a chat with the rabbit and learned he was Mr. Rabbit’s nephew.

Musti promised the rabbit to take him to Mr. Rabbit. He saw two other rabbits in red and yellow color. Those colorful rabbits were also very small and appeared like the blue rabbit. They were playing balls. These rabbits were also the nephews of Mr. Rabbit. What Mr. Musti was doing all the time without looking after his nephews? He was sleeping!

How Musti wakeup Mr. Rabbit is an interesting and hilarious part. Mr. Rabbits home had a smart calling bell! Watch the story and enjoy it.

The baby rabbits got scared by Musti’s sudden appearance. However, the sweet Musti had sweet conversation with them and took those nephews to Mr. Rabbit!

Now tell me how many rabbits you saw in the garden?

Tell the different colors of the rabbit! These are simple questions that you can ask your child after watching the animated story.

There are a few interesting portions in this story! The baby rabbits are portrayed in different colors. It is a clever idea to attract the kids who watch the story. Kids love colorful presentation! As said above, the calling bell of Mr. Rabbit’s home is quite smart and funny as well.

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