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  • When you get up in the morning, wish your family members ‘good morning’ with a smile. It makes everyone’s mood better. When you receive something, say ‘thank you’ and the person’s name. For example, if it is a gift from your auntie Marie, you should say ‘thank you auntie Marie’.
  • When you ask or request something from someone, say ‘please’ even if it is someone younger than you.
  • Do not interrupt grown-ups who are speaking with each other. They will notice you and respond when they are finished talking. However, if it is an emergency, say ‘excuse me’ to try to get their attention.
  • When people ask you ‘how are you?’ tell them how you are, and then ask them ‘how about you?’
  • Do not comment on other people’s physical appearance in a negative way. If you want to compliment them, you are always welcome.
  • If you have a negative opinion about something or somebody, keep it to yourself and your closest family members, instead of talking about it to everyone around.
  • Ask permission before you do something that you are not very sure of.
  • If the door to a room is closed, knock on it. Act according to the response you get.
  • Do not, ever, use bad or foul language, even if the people around you are using such language. Do not be friends with children who use bad words.
  • Do call people by names other than what is theirs. For example, do not call a girl called Betty, ‘fatty betty’, even if it is quite funny for you. It hurts people when you call them names.
  • Say ‘excuse me’ immediately, if you bump into someone. Also, if you sneeze or make any loud noise when you are supposed to be quiet, say ‘excuse me’.
  • Do not, ever, pick your nose. Clean it with a soft tissue. When you cough or sneeze, you have to cover your mouth.
  • When you pass through a door, keep the door open for the next person to enter.
  • When you eat, and find the food tasty, compliment the person who cooked the food.
  • Do not tease others. Making fun of others is the sign of weak people.
  • Do not gang up with others of your age or older than you, and hurt younger people. In other words, do not ever be a bully.
  • Always be respectful and caring of very old people. If you find an elderly person standing and if you are sitting, get up and give your seat to that person.
  • Listen more than you speak. Do not keep speaking all the time. Give other people a chance to talk. When a person is talking do not interrupt or say things in between. Listen completely, and show interest in what that person is saying, and ask questions to show your interest. This way, you can become a good communicator and make many friends.

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