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Musti is Ill

Musti is Ill

Do you get fever? Catch cold and sneeze? Suffer from cough? Musti is like you. Kids are often prone to many infections. A change in climate may trouble them. Musti is also like you.

One day, he was so sick. He had mild fever accompanied with cold and cough. Musti sneezed every minute! Since his temperature was bit high, his mom doesn’t allowed him to play outside. His sweet voice turned hoarse and he couldn’t speak properly.

Musti was consulted by a doctor. The doctor prescribed him cough syrup, and medicines. Musti was alone at home. He felt bored. He wanted to move out and play with friends, but he wasn’t permitted. His mother reached home. She had a conversation and left. Musti was left alone again in his room! He was restless to stay in bed!

He was surprised by his friend’s visit! It was none other than bunny! Rabbit visited Musti with Ms. Tortoise. While rabbit peeked into the window of Musti’s room, Tortoise preferred to stay outside. Musti’s mom came back and gave Musti a spoonful of horrible cough medicine! Rabbit wasn’t noticed.

Rabbit had a conversation with Musti, while tortoise stayed back! What happened to Musti? The animated story for kids ends with a twist!

The simple and cute story has a lot of healthy and hygienic practices for kids.

When you are sick, you should take rest!

Cold and cough are infectious diseases. When you sneeze, or cough, hold a handkerchief or a small towel before your face to prevent spreading the infection.

Medicines don’t taste like ice-cream, but they do cure your disease.

Musti’s cold struck voice sounds excellent! Musti’s animated stories for kids are one of the must to watch educational and entertaining animated story series! Don’t miss watching these short animated videos. Children can learn very small things from these animated stories. Of course, they are colorful to watch! In addition, you can ensure that your child spend time in a useful way!

Will you learn from Musti about some basic hygienic practices?

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