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Musti at the Farm

Musti at the Farm

Musti a beautiful, fun loving and kind hearted cat. We have a number of animated stories for kids featuring Musti. The stories are based on Musti’s encounter with different animals and various objects. Of course, these animated stories has some educational as well as morals to nurture the younger ones. The stories are told in a lighter tone featuring colorful events and objects without stressing more on special values.

Now, Musti accompanies his dad to a farm!

Musti’s dad took Musti to a farm. Musti told he wanted to explore the farm and his dad permitted to go alone.

Musti met Mr. Dog at the farm! Do you remember him? If not, glance through our exclusive collection of animated stories for kids featuring Musti and his love for rain! Musti had a conversation with the dog.

What is the duty of the house dog? Do you know? Dog act as a security and protect from thieves. Dog barks louder when he smells any stranger! Musti was happy to learn that dogs are good security!

Next, Musti moved to a meadow, where a cow was grazing on the lush green grass. He had a conversation with the cow and left.

Musti then visited Mr. Horse, named Boomer! Musti wished to go on a ride, on the horse, but horse told Musti he was very tired. Musti understood his situation, then consoled and greeted him to enjoy a good sleep.

Musti was then surprised to hear some strange loud noises! Who was that? It was nothing but ducklings!

On his way to explore the farm, he then met pig and a crying chicken! Chicken with tears in her eyes pleased to Musti to find her mother! Musti was searching for the mother hen! Did he found the mother hen? Watch the colorful and exciting story!

Musti enjoyed spending time with animals and birds in the farm. He was very kind to all animals. He helped the chicken to find mother. Musti is so generous and very kind. Hope you kids will stay kind and soft to others.

Musti series of animated stories for kids are quite interesting and delightful to watch! Don’t miss this story!

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