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Tinkle is a fun magazine for kids, that is quite colorful, interesting, and educational for children. Read on to get some insight on this educational magazine for kids.

Tinkle, not Twinkle is a monthly magazine. Just like many exclusive magazines for kids, Tinkle is one of the colorful magazines featuring lots of fun, color, thrill and educational blend.

When it comes to magazines for kids, there are many variations. A few magazines are merely educational, while a few magazines are basically just comics. Then there are some magazines, which are filled with fun and humor, and a few of them featuring fantasy and sci-fi related content. Tinkle has all this in one single pack!

Every month, the magazine carries a theme. April 2015 edition was based on the theme of Lost Cities! The magazine revolves around exploring the lost treasures of the past and ancient wonders. Something very adventurous and interesting.

There is a lot in this magazine for kids.

In search of a tale! A hilarious write-up about an inactive brain. For example, how a kid should write an English composition or a story, when their brain is on vacation!

Suppandi is one of the popular and most favorite characters among those who regularly read Tinkle! Kids love him - He is a detective and all his detective work has a lot of chaos filled with fun!

There is also a hilarious and interesting twist in how elders or parents find relief for headaches.

Another fun story is “Two is company, three is a crowd.” Kids enjoy reading such stories – they just love it.

Besides, there are some regular Tinkle segments allocated every month. Tinkle Times, Word play, Talk Show, etc. There are also many segments that help make your reading more colorful. Each segment is meticulously and meaningfully crafted.

You can opt for either a monthly or an annual subscription. Additionally, you can leave your comments exclusively in the feedback section at the official website of Tinkle Magazine!

Tinkle Magazine was founded by the same company that founded the Amar Chitra Comics. Adults, who grew up reading Amar Chitra comics, are sure to find the Tinkle Magazine interesting, not only for their kids but for them as well.

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