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Entertainment rather than spending time on learning is expected by the kids. Parents expect their children to learn rather than spending time merely on entertainment. There are a few magazines for kids meant for entertainment of kids as they learn! It matches the need of parents and children as well!

Okido is one such magazine designed exclusively for children who always keep themselves busy! The magazine is for every child who needs some handy guide on arts and science.

Designed for children aged 2 to 8 years, a part of early childhood education to pre-teens, Okido has a lot of things to entertain the children.

Interesting hand drawn cartoons from expert artists are quite impressive!

The magazine features interesting fun activities and games for children, which engage them for a long time. Easy, fun, educational and wacky science experiments are here for the kids to try at home. The experiments enable the child to learn a lot. (Additionally they spend their time purposefully).

What is all about a magazine for kids without stories? There are plenty of short stories and poetries in the magazine.

Okido comes with different theme every quarter. Yes, the magazine is released every quarter! The magazine talks about diversified topics put together in a simple tone, easily understandable by kids. Space, nature, habitats, colors, feelings, emotions and a lot.

Why not to try some simple recipes at home? Get the ideas from Okido magazine!

Parents can effortlessly engage the kids in a host of fun-filled activities!

The magazine is designed and developed a team of experts which include children writers, illustrators, scientists, artists, etc.

What we love the most about the Okido magazine more than the content of the book, quality of the content, versatility of the activities, etc. is the method of printing. The magazine is printed using natural vegetable ink and printed on bio-degradable paper! The magazine promotes developing eco-green environment and protecting nature.

A great example for kids who adore the magazine!

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