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Do you love to read a complete science based magazine for kids? Then subscribe for Odyssey magazine, an award winning science magazine for children! Visit us to get information about educational and entertaining magazines for kids.


How about buying a great science magazine for your son or daughter? A great pillar of support to enhance your knowledge in science! An award-winning magazine with interesting and lesser-known amazing science facts that you have never heard before. Everything is under single roof, named Odyssey, the science magazine for kids.

When compared to many other commercial publications, Odyssey raises above the bar! Solid information about solid subjects makes the children pop their eyes! The writing is so extraordinary that children are simply attracted to the content.

Owing to the high standards of writing and the topics covered, every school must subscribe for this magazine!

Life of animals in the coastal region, sun and sea, waves and tides, mammals, astronomy, weather, places and people, space and solar system, and a lot more topics are covered. Experiments, interviews, facts, articles and just about, everything is covered here. What is a DNA sequence? Why do you need sleep? All these questions are explained beautifully!

Even teachers can make the most of Odyssey magazine as there is a special column dedicated for teachers.

It is not merely a magazine for children, but a great learning resource. It makes a good companion to widen your knowledge in science. The magazine features the special pages that focus on addressing the issues faced by the grownup kids, i.e., teens.

However, a very minor negative element is evident in this magazine. Although this is for pre-teens and teens, the mild fun facts are missing! Children would love the magazine more if the magazine carries some real fun facts.

The magazine is mainly geared for children in the age group 9 to 15 years. Initially, this was a magazine focusing on astronomy. However, over the years, the magazine expanded their base and now covers a myriad of science subjects. The magazine releases nine issues a year.

Don’t miss it! It is definitely worth reading and is a must-have magazine!

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