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Do you think that gaming consoles and games in the smart phones are major entertainment for kids? Buy this magazine and see the difference it makes on your pre-teens. MUSE is just amazing! Visit us to know more about the interesting and educational magazines for kids.


Muse, may appear just like one of the simple magazines for pre-teens, but it is like a whole lot different. The magazine actually targets the pre-teens to early-teens, aged between 9 and 14 years. Yet, it is ideal for a child aged 7 plus years. MUSE features the stories written by award-winning authors coupled with high definition pictures, and beautiful illustrations.

MUSE is all about learning new things. The magazine shows many ways to the pre-teens, who would love to learn and explore new things. With colorful images, stimulating topics, information about a variety of interesting genres (to name a few, space, genetics), typical kid’s friendly areas and more, MUSE amuses the readers.

To parents who think what is so buzzing about MUSE magazine – Many parents believe that most of the children magazine contains similar topics, concepts and content; finding something unique is different. However, MUSE is a different from the other magazines for pre-teens. If you want your child to learn something about the world, you can find it in the magazine. Kids can learn about science and scientists, earth and atmosphere, math and mathematicians, fun trivia and problem solving, physics and planets etc.

Writing for kids differ a lot from writing for elders. The language should be simple and easily comprehensible. Prepared by a team of experts, MUSE features child-friendly content, legible, and interesting, suitable for both genders. Just like a stimulating game, or a field play, the magazine stimulates the younger mind to think loud. It enables developing logical thinking, analysis, critical outlook beyond merely reading.

Beside all these, MUSE is visually appealing to the younger ones. Just like a picture captured in high definition camera, the quality of the pictures are extremely high. The images of the Mother Nature, science, universe, and more fill the eyes of the children. From simple math to genetic science, fun facts to twisting quizzes, MUSE is for every child. MUSE assures delightful reading experience to the kids.

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