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Highlights for Children is a magazine for kids filled with puzzles, projects, riddles, fun trivia and jokes that challenge the young minds. It is all about Highlights for Children.

Highlights for Children

The magazine title speaks it all. Highlights for Children, covers some interesting areas for kids. They are unique and are unlike the typical magazines for kids. A magazine for kids filled with puzzles, projects, riddles, fun trivia and jokes offering good challenge to the young minds.

The focus is all about nurturing the young minds and developing the knowledge.

When you have a good friend, you cannot afford to miss him or her. Highlights for Children will become your child’s good friend and kids will keep coming back for subsequent issues.

The magazine has some regular segments featured in every issue. To name a few, Hidden Pictures, Bear Family, Gallant, etc.

Highlights for Children is an entertaining as well as a teaching magazine for kids. The focus and goal of the magazine is to nourish the young mind, increase creativity and develop a wide outlook.

Don’t worry about your child who spends time lavishly on the magazine as useless. This magazine ensures that the hours spent on puzzles, reading articles and doing the activities makes the time worth spent.

The magazine makes your child explore the book totally. The puzzles and quizzes are so intriguing to keep the child busy. The reader-submission section of the magazine encourages the children to submit their writings, drawings and poems.

Timbertoes is one of the classic characters of this magazine. Just like any popular cartoon character, kids will eagerly look for his presence in every issue.

If your child loves to try new things and is excited about learning new thing, Highlights for Children is one of the recommended magazines for them. This is suited for younger children aged below 10 years.

The magazine has many unsolicited advertisements, which is a downside to the magazine. However, this magazine makes a good gift for children. It provides a good foundation to the kids.

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