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It is important to choose the age appropriate magazines for kids. You cannot buy a magazine with no illustrations and which has only written material, for a toddler or a preschooler. Similarly, high school kids or kids who are 8 years and above would not show interest in books meant for early readers. If you are hunting for a good magazine for your toddler, Highlights Hello is the right choice.

Highlights offer magazines for kids in three sectors. The first one is intended for kids not older than 2 years, the second one is for primary school kids aged from 2 to 6 years and the third magazine is for pre-teens, from 7 years to 12 years.

Let us see what Highlights Hello has for the young readers.

Learning is a lifelong journey. The journey should begin colorfully. Hello Magazine makes the first impression the best. The 16 page colorful magazine surely entices the little ones. When you give them something colorful, it gets their attention immediately.

The magazine has all essential features for the kids. Colorful images, short stories with vivid illustrations, easy and simple fun activities to be performed with parents, etc.

What we love the most about this magazine is the print and package. The quality of the magazine is excellent. Every page is wrapped neatly, made with durable materials, rounded safe corners that will not hurt the kids and no staples.

Have a great story time with your children by reading them the ‘Read Along’ short and simple stories for kids. Each story comes with illustrations, which makes the little ones understand the stories well.

Hello magazine is more of a visual learning. You can teach them colors, numbers, alphabets, and many other important elements with this magazine.

The content of the magazine is created by the experts specialized in early child education. Focused on early childhood development, the magazine helps children learn many aspects. It supports visual learning, language development, speech recognition, creativity and much more.

Yet another attractive feature of the magazine is easy age-appropriate puzzle for the young readers.

The magazine has a special column assigned for parents.

Subscribe for this magazine and introduce the pleasures of learning for your children.

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