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High Five Magazine For KidsHigh Five Magazine Review

High Five Magazine is targeted especially at the younger kids. Geared towards young readers, High Five is all about the exploration of the young world of fun.

High Five magazine is designed for the pre-school kids and kindergartener kids, aged between 2 to 6 years. The phase of learning in these years is rapid. The magazine invites the kids to explore a new and colorful world of fun, learning with interesting activities, fresh stories, fun facts and more.

The magazine cover page is simple and is attractive to the kids. Kids love vibrant colors! Focus of the magazine is about entertaining and encouraging the children.

The monthly magazine provides interesting and fresh content of 40 pages, which includes, short stories, poems for kids, easy kids-friendly recipes, innovative and stimulating games, beginners puzzles, coloring activities, etc.

Educational learning

Every single page is designed with the theme that the kids prepare themselves and lay a foundation to become a better learner. It is targeted to develop their reading skills, learn about basic math, storytelling, activities, arts and crafts, etc.

Concentration power, thinking ability, and creativity skills are developed when kids solve puzzles. High Five magazine has colorful picture puzzles, matching games, and similar puzzles to let the children work out their brain!

Building Positive Traits

Besides entertainment content, High Five magazine also feature unique sections. These sections foster positive thinking, identifying positive role models, building self-confidence, character building, and constructive learning.

Many of you may wonder what is so buzzing about recipes for kids or crafts. Remember, doing fun filled activities lets them enjoy their time blissfully, but also sparks their self-confidence. Just try it once. Ask your child to decorate a cake or arrange a salad as they wish. Or let them do some craft work! You will find them so pleased and contended with their performance, although they may not have excelled. This does not mean that you shouldn’t criticize them!

The highlighting features of the magazine include the age-appropriate stories, and crafts activities. Designed by the experts, you can expect the best from the High Five Magazine every month!

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