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Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas is fun, and kids’ Christmas parties are all the more fun. Games are an integral part of Christmas parties. Here are some party games for kids to make your Christmas get-togethers great fun.

1. Sun and Snow

This game is a winter adaptation of "Red Light, Green Light".

One player is chosen from the group as the weather person. The weather person stands apart, with his back to the other players. All other players stand behind the weather person in a set line.

The weather person calls out ‘sun’. Then all the other players rush to the weather person. When the weather person calls out ‘snow’, all the other players should freeze instantly. When the weather person calls out ‘snow’ he/she should spin around and look at the other players. Any player who moves (not frozen) when the word ‘snow’ is called out is out of the game. The player left standing is the winner.

2. Christmas Charades

The group should be divided into two teams. Each team has to brainstorm and produce a list of words related to Christmas. They should write down these words on small slips of paper, and fold them in half. Each team’s slips of paper are placed in a hat.

The person who conducts the game should call on one player to draw a slip of paper from the opposite team’s hat, and act out the word on it. The player’s team has to guess the word. If the team guesses the word correctly, it receives one point. After the word has been guessed, it is now the turn of a player from the other team.

3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Select a place, like a playground or even a room. Hide Christmas-related objects in different places in the room. The objects could be a small star, a stocking, a Christmas card, any nativity pieces, etc.

Divide the players into groups. Each group has to find as many objects as possible. The group that finds the maximum number of objects wins.

4. Pin the Star on the Tree

Cut a large Christmas tree from heavy green paper. Cut stars from heavy yellow paper. There should be one star for each player.

Blindfold one player at a time. The player should be spun around once or twice. Then he/she should try to pin the star on top of the tree. The player who sticks the star at the top part of the tree or nearest to it, wins.

5. People Bingo

People Bingo is an ideal game for a group in which the members are not very familiar with each other. In order to play this game, you have to create a list of 10 to 15 activities. Each member of the group is given this list. He/she goes around the group and finds people who do the activity habitually. The list can also be of habits or traits/qualities that a person has. The player needs to find one person for each activity. For example, the list can be as follows.

  • Reads everyday
  • Goes for exercise often/every day
  • Likes to watch movies etc.

Happy gaming and partying!

Image courtesy: adelaidejumpingcastles_com

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