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Tyrone, the big bad, horrible dinosaur and Boland, the cute, innocent and angry dinosaur attracts the kiddies so much. Boland was always troubled by Tyrone, the big baby dinosaur. This ebook story, Tyrone the big bad bully is all about the story behind the irritating activities of Tyrone. Why Tyrone became a big bad bully and irritates Tyrone? Let us find the reason for that.

Boland was so afraid to go to school as Tyrone constantly bullies him. Every day, Tyrone blocks him and irritates him with his horrible activity. The angry Boland complained about Tyrone’s activity to his friends and parents. However, none could help him.

Monday, Tyrone threw a water balloon on Boland’s head.

Tuesday, he hit him and made him fall.

Wednesday, he called Boland with dirty names.

Thursday, he cheated him and ate his sandwich.

Every single day, Tyrone never forgets to trouble him. Boland could not find a way to escape from Tyrone even during the weekends.

However, Tyrone did not come to school on a Monday. Boland was wondering what could have happened to him. Even the next day, Tyrone was absent. After school hours, Boland’s teacher asked him to give a math book to Tyrone. Boland was scared. He asked his friends to join him. Afraid of Tyrone’s bullying character, none accepted to accompany Boland to Tyrone’s home. Boland finally asked help from his mother and father, but they were busy with their work. The scared Boland reached Tyrone’s home and shocked to hear screaming sound from inside the home. The voice was different from Tyrone’s voice. He saw Tyrone inside a dark room from the backside of the house. Boland was extensively shocked to see Tyrone crying in his home. It was a different Tyrone.

What happened to Tyrone at his home? Was Boland able to save Tyrone? How Tyrone was helped and did he turned good? Read the complete story and enjoy.

Tyrone became a horrible dinosaur and a bad bully because of the way he was raised at his home. Tyrone and Boland stories teach good values with funny elements. This tells a different facet about why Tyrone became a bad bully! Discrimination at home and being ill-treated at home makes a kid behave badly to the outsiders. Kindness is the key to solve many concerns. Being kind and showering love helps raising kids with good characters.

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