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This eBook has a story of a princess Helena, who is extremely kind at heart and very lovable. The eBook has a beautiful message for kids. Sharing is great and gives a lot of happiness. Share and spread love.

Princess Helena was a beautiful girl. She was so kind and lovable. Her parent, the king and the queen took care of her like an angel. The king and the queen provided her a luxury life. She had unlimited number of toys to play with. Her dresses were made of high quality fabric embellished with embroidered decorations. Her bedroom was crafted artistically with beautiful pictures and filled with toys. However, Helena faced a problem. Her cheeks weren’t rosy red as expected by her mom, the queen. Yes, Helena never ate Eggplants so far and she just hated to eat it.

Her mom insisted her many times to eat eggplants, but she never tasted it. Besides, Helena remained very sad as she had no friends to play with her.

One day, while she was wandering in the garden alone, a girl peeked into her and she invited Helena to her home. Princess Helena happily joined her and the girl took Helena to her home.

6 beautiful kids with rosy cheeks welcomed the princess. They played many games and Helena was so happy. They offered her food and Helena was happy to join them for lunch. Helena never tasted such a delicious food so far. She loved their food and enjoyed the lunch, especially aubergine slippers. The girl’s father reached home. His leg was injured and he couldn’t afford for a surgery. Helena noticed that the girl’s home wasn’t very big; they don’t have toys to play with; they don’t wear very expensive clothes; they did have essential furniture; but everyone were very happy. Helena thanked them all for such a wonderful day and reached her palace with her friend. She expressed everything happened there to her mom, the queen.

She expressed her desire to help them. She also told about the delicious food, aubergine slippers. The queen laughed out until her stomach hurts. Do you know why? Was Helena able to help her family? Read the inspiring story with a happy ending.

This is a beautiful story indeed with a nice moral. Every child must read this story. The story is narrated in a simple tone in an interesting way. Don’t miss it.

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