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The Boy Who Wasn’t There

This is a strange experience of a girl who was directed by a mysterious and pale boy to save the knife of a little girl. The boy went missing! Who was he?

Sarah lived in a rocky coastal region of New England. She loved her two puppets, Polly and Punch. It was a dull evening she was staring the dark and cloudy sky from her room. Since it was Christmas vacation, she had no one to play. She went to the seashore and sat on a rock with her puppets. The beach was empty and it increased her loneliness.

When she started drawing in the sand, she had a feeling that someone was watching her. She heard a voice admiring her picture. Literally shocked Sarah questioned the mystery voice. A pale boy appeared. She was scared and asked about him. Suddenly, the boy disappeared. He was nowhere, except there were his footsteps on the sand. She was confused and returned home soon.

On the eve of Christmas, the mystery boy met her again. He asked Sarah to accompany him with her puppets. While she was so afraid, the magical voice of the boy made her follow him. They went to a house, where Sarah saw a woman crying and a little girl was sleeping.

Sarah told her puppets to the girl as directed by the boy. The puppets spoke and the girl was happy. In fact, she recovered from fever. When the girl’s mother asked her how she came here, Sarah pointed the boy, but nobody was there. Sarah noticed the boy’s framed photograph in a table and told it was the boy who brought her here.

The boy’s name was Allan and the mother started telling the story of Allan.

Who was Allan and what happened to him? Read the story.

As a matter of fact, the objects or elements or incidents or even some unusual facts that has no explanation is always true. There are many mysterious things that cannot be explained, rather has no explanation, but controlled by the almighty, the God!

This is unique from the moral or inspirational eBooks for kids, a story with a different plot. Kids would love to read or hear reading. Don’t miss it.

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