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Do you know Patrick? Here is another funny story from the series of Patrick, Kevin and Arty Stories. Patrick, Kevin and Arty are friends. Here is one of the eBooks for kids featuring a simple incident with Patrick.

One day, Patrick was looking so happy and cheerful. Ok, when you are happy, you got something special isn’t it? Patrick found something! And something very special.

He showed what he found and was very happy. Do you know, Patrick did not know what it was! He was thinking what it was. He was thinking to get help from Arty and Kevin. Unfortunately, even Kevin and Arty did not know what it was! Poor Patrick!

Kevin and Arty asked Patrick to use and explore the object he found! Patrick tried many things with the object. It wasn’t an artist, wasn’t a doctor toy, and even it wasn’t good tasting! Yes, Patrick tried to eat it. Finally, Patrick tried playing it! It is rectangular in shape and has lots of colors! So, what it was? But, you little ones are intelligent isn’t it? You can simply tell the name of the object found by Patrick.

This series of eBooks for kids featuring the funny characters Patrick and his friends have simple sketches. There are no long dialogues and no fancy images. The concept of the story is very simple and it makes a good eBook to read for your toddler too.

Did you find it? It is nothing but a xylophone! It plays beautiful music when you tap it! Patrick was happy that he has a new Xylophone. Kevin and Arty was happy for him and happy he finally found what he had! And then Patrick told everyone he owns a xylophone.

The conversational way of narrating the story engages and entices the kids. Asking direct questions to the kids increases the curiosity to answer them and it helps kids learn!

Okay, now you can say what the object that Patrick was holding was. Right! However, Patrick doesn’t know what it was.

It is a fun eBook for kids. The pictures represent the quirky, funny and innocent expressions of the main character, Patrick.

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