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Bees! The tiny insects! There are different varieties and breeds of bees known to the world! Bumble bees are one form of bees. You know bees can fly! Yes, they do collect honey and build the hives! There is one bee that cannot fly!

And it was Bobby Bumble.

Bobby bumble bee was a tiny bee. He lived in one of the big old trees. He lived with his family. He had brothers, sisters and was very fond of his mother.

Bobby and his three brothers were very close to each other. They play together, eat together and sleep together.

One day after an entertainment play, one of his brothers told others to fly to a new branch. However, Bobby refused to fly. He warned that they were not allowed to fly any height that they go unwatched. The reason was the little bumble bees did not pass the flying test. In spite of the insistence from brothers, Bobby refused. He warned them that they might fall down.

What’s wrong with Bobby Bumble bee?

Bobby’s brother made fun of him and called him a coward! They all stood around him and laughed at him. His brothers flew away to reach a new branch.

After going so high in the air, the brother called him. The brothers made fun of Bobby.

Bobby felt ashamed and had a thought. He decided to try. He indeed tried very hard, but couldn’t fly!

Bobby was very sad. His brothers pulled his legs. Bobby reached home and was feeling very worried. He explained the incident happened to his mother. Bobby doubted his ability to fly. He told his mom that he was worried about falling down. His mother also became worried about him.

Was Bobby Bumble able to fly and overcome his fear? Read the story. Narrated in a simple and interesting way, the eBook also helps improving the vocabulary.

Overcoming fear is essential to win everything. Anything is possible as long as you are brave and courageous.

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