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Short animated stories make your child spend time in a good way. Each animated story is unique. The visual representation of a story remains fresh in the young minds of kids for a long time.

This is a simple story with a moral that is essential for children. Most kids have the tendency to delay or postpone work. For example, postponing studies, or not doing homework, or simply staying lazy can all have serious outcomes.

Now, let us look at the story. There is a squirrel who lives in a forest. He has a sparrow friend. While the sparrow does her work with a sense of responsibility, the squirrel lazes about. He is quite the opposite of her. The squirrel spends all his time doing nothing.

One day the sparrow meets squirrel. She asks the squirrel whether he is prepared for the oncoming monsoon. When the rains arrive he has to have a shelter to stay warm and cozy. The squirrel replies, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow!’

After a few days, the sparrow meets the squirrel again. Sparrow warns him as he might land in trouble. However, squirrel continues to play and does not care to listen to the words of the sparrow.

Monsoon arrives. What happened to the squirrel who has no shelter? Is he able to find the shelter? Watch the story.

The two tiny characters are portrayed well. Kids can easily understand the concept and the moral. A must-watch story which also has an important lesson.

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