Workshop for Kids to Teach Them Design App with Future Legends

How can technology affect the kids in a better way?

Children now have vast visions and ambitions. In the earlier, they just had a selection of art, such as color indicators and pastels, to express themselves. They now have laptops, cellphones, iPods, and other cutting-edge technologies to communicate their ideas and opinions. Youngsters used to research and understand in classrooms, textbooks, and bookstores, but methods have given them a better way to study and observe the surroundings. Various character counter tools are available online to assist them in analyzing their work. They could get a better understanding of it by experiencing it and seeing it in virtual reality.

Should kids use and understand technology at an early age?

In the upcoming decades, automation will have every aspect of life. It’s for the student’s future to be aware of it. It will assist them in making decisions and ensuring it. They would be able to make better job decisions if they get aware of the various disciplines. The Future Legend is the medium for this goal, as it allows students to interact with cutting-edge technology and make the best decisions for their destiny.

The vision of Future Legends:

Future Legend came into being in 2017 with a vision of gender equality. They want to provide the same platform and opportunities for girls as there are for boys. They wanted to help young girls making their future bright by practically working on new technologies and leadership skills. They guide them in the understanding of innovative technologies and their use.

The mission of Future Legends:

The primary purpose of learning technologies is to raise girls’ understanding and motivate them. They want to work on and improve their managerial skills, and the goal of this group is to educate young women. It is about cutting-edge innovations, as information is the new big thing.

Workshop for kids to teach them design apps with Future Legends:

Next Heroes offers a variety of technology-related classes, and the current version of the Future Legends is Design an app. They invited children who are imaginative and inventive. They held this training in several stages. During these rounds, children collaborated and worked independently to create an app. The phases are as follows.

Phase 1: Interviews

The first phase aims to make them interact with each other. In this phase, the kids paired up and asked each other different questions. In the questions, they asked each other about their trip to the zoo. Following four questions were asked by kids to each other during the discussion:

Question No 1

What are the factors you like about visiting a zoo?

Question No 2

In what ways do you like to travel?

Question No 3

Who will you choose to accompany you on a trip to the zoo?

Question No 4

What activities will you prefer to do at the zoo?

Phase 2: Explaining the idea:

During the second stage, children discussed their ideas in a group situation. During this step, students are what kind of software. They plan to create to assist their colleague partners. The imaginative children come up with a problem that they believe maybe with the help of apps. They discuss their views as a team.

Phase 3: Design App:

In the third phase, after choosing the idea for the app and understanding the concept of navigation and interaction, they start working on their apps. They consider all the measurements while designing it.

Why kids should join the Future Legends workshops:

Future superstars figured prominently in training and strengthening their capacities. The ways of thinking of young women by organizing workshops and seminars have given girls the chance to rise in the community and compete with men in technology. The Future Warriors Program needs to eliminate the gender technological gap by empowering young girls to create and implement innovative and efficient solutions to ensure global justice. They facilitate and educate them on the technologies and equipment they have to get the accessibility they desire.


Every woman wants a decent learning environment and a promising future. The Potential Legends seminars give them the knowledge and chance to learn about techniques and software that will meet their needs and desires. Nowadays, innovation is in almost every aspect of life. So, in this age, an organization like Future Legends plays a critical role in empowering girls and providing them with the resources they need to close the gender gap in technology. They make young girls aware of their interests and allow them to pursue them. This company makes a significant contribution to the development of girls’ futures. They not only learned how to make mobile apps in this session, but they also learned how to design them.


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