What Can Your Child Learn By Keeping A Pet?

Animals make our world a better place. They love their humans unconditionally. They give us silent support and teach us the importance of trust and patience. They can teach our kids just as much. According to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association, about 70% of US households have pets. That’s 90.5 million homes! But of course – what’s better than the sound of little claws or a wet nose waking you up in the morning?Pets are great friends to tiny humans, especially those who otherwise have trouble making them. Keep reading to learn about the 5 benefits of your kiddos being pet owners.

1. Having a good relationship with animals

Humans have always had a special bond with animals. This bond has evolved throughout time – what began as a working relationship became a life of companionship and affection. Your child is sure to experience that firsthand with their own pet. As your kiddo develops an amazing bond with their furry friend, they’ll learn to love and respect all animals. And the emotional bond between a kiddo and their pet is truly incredible. So much so that you can now even put it in a personalized book for kid and pet by Hooray Heroes!

2. Responsibility

Taking care of a pet, like feeding them and cleaning after them, will teach your child to be responsible. They’ll learn that it’s important to always carry out their duties – and trust us, they will, because they won’t let their best friend go hungry! Just make sure that whatever task you give your child, be it feeding or taking a dog out for a walk, is age-appropriate.

3. Empathy for others

Having a pet will show your child that animals are conscious beings. It will teach your child to be gentle with their pet, to treat them well, and also to establish and respect boundaries. A pet will offer comfort and unconditional love to your child and your child will easily learn to treat all creatures, fellow humans as well, with love, empathy, and kindness.

4. Good self-esteem

A pet’s unconditional love is sure to make your child happy and help them develop a positive self-image. For a pet, their human is the center of the universe. When that pet cuddles with your child, your kiddo will feel like the greatest creature in the history of our planet. And feeling good about themselves will surely make it easier to deal with peer pressure and take on those teenage years. This super cute personalized wallpaper by Hooray Heroes is a great way for your little one to remember the incredible friendship they share with their pet and boost their confidence even when they’re out in the world alone.

5. Motor skills and the importance of a healthy lifestyle

Having a pet, especially a dog, is a great way for kids to learn to lead a healthy lifestyle. A dog is bound to keep you up and about even if that doesn’t come naturally to you. If your child doesn’t enjoy spending time outside and isn’t interested in sports, taking a dog for a walk or playing in the garden with a cat or a bunny can go a long way in preventing your kid be seated in front of the TV the whole day. It will teach your child include outdoor time in their daily routine.

All things considered, having a pet has lots of benefits that will help your child grow up into a kind, active, and confident human being. So if you’re ready to make your child’s (and an animal’s!) life a whole lot better, visit your local shelter and adopt a pawsome friend for life.

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