What Are The Best Places To Visit In The City Of Jaipur?

The pink city of Jaipur is an exotic destination, and this is one of the very basic introductions that you need to know about it. From the royal palaces to the clubs, this particular city has almost everything, which is basically a fascinating mixture of attractions for a tourist. The welcoming vibe of the city makes it very much popular, so now just visit the place and create timeless memories at an amazing hotel Le Meridian Jaipur so that you will have the best possible time in this particular city.

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Some of the major places that you should visit in this particular city have been very well explained as follows:

Amber Fort:

This particular place is basically a majestic fort with a hilltop setting, making itself a very important and iconic fort in the city of Jaipur. This particular place is very well covered in history and ultimately is remaining as a glorious example of architectural brilliance. Every evening this particular place brings to life the overall historical aspect with the help of a light and sound show which you should never miss.

Jawahar Circle Gardens:

This place is very much successful in containing significant attractions and is the basic and the largest highway Circle Park in the entire Asia. A magnificent musical fountain is present over here, which makes it very much popular, and the best part is that the fountain is very well featuring approximately more than 316 lights along with night falls. This particular garden was given shape in the year 2009 by the Jaipur development authority and is basically an attraction to hundreds of tourists every day. Everyone will have an experience full of tranquillity in this particular place without any problem, and ultimately this is a very popular weekend destination for individuals. 

Garh Ganesh Mandir:

This place is one of the ancient temples in the city of Jaipur and is very well situated close to the Nahargarh Fort. This particular temple was elected nearly 300 years ago, and after the construction was complete, Maharaja Sawai Singh was the first one to set the stone of Jaipur city. He was very well residing at the city Palace at that particular time and ultimately useless binoculars to see the idol from Chander Mahal. Visiting this place is definitely a very good idea for people because it is one of the top tourist places to visit in the city of Jaipur.

Patrika Gate:

This particular place is one of the most important places to visit in the city of Jaipur and, ultimately, is the best opportunity for indulging in sightseeing. This is one of the most important architectural hallmarks of the Rajasthani people as well as culture and has been very well constructed out of pink sandstone on the exterior along with a colourful promenade on the interior. Sceneries all over Rajasthan are very well witnessed over here, and ultimately you will be able to have the best possible benefits for the photographer inside you. 

Hathni Kund:

This place is one of the most important places that you should visit, especially if you are interested in indulging in trekking activities. This particular part way to the top of the hill has been very much successful in providing people with a good number of ancient temples, and ultimately you will be able to get the 360° view of the pink city over here. This place also includes a very famous Hanuman Temple located at the top of this area.

Ramnivas Garden:

This particular place was built by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh and ultimately is a very important and popular historically relevant to this place in the city that you should not miss. This place is beautifully maintained and landscaped in terms of garden looks and ultimately is a very mystical and stunning place in terms of the post-sunset time period.

Amigos Bar:

This is one of the most important places that you should plan to visit in the city of Jaipur because this is a Mexican theme place that is counted as one of the best possible nightclubs in Jaipur city. This place has been very much successful in providing people with a perfect ambience, which can be easily complemented with great food and exotic cocktails. If you are in the mood for a quiet drink and a night of drinking and dancing, then definitely visiting this particular place is a great idea because it will provide you with the best possible level of satisfaction.

World Trade Park Mall:

This is basically a paradise for individuals who are interested in indulging in shopping activities. This is a new relatively shopping destination in the city and has become one of the most favourite shopping malls in the city of Jaipur. It includes well-known brands and ultimately provides people with an amazing shopping experience along with top-class restaurants so that everyone will be able to take good care of their hunger pangs without any problem at all times.

Spice Court:

This is the outdoor seating arrangement that provides people with the perfect dining experience and ultimately helps in making sure that everyone will be able to enjoy the perfect satisfaction to the taste buds. Basically, this is one of the most important components of the budget trip to Jaipur, and ultimately, if individuals are in the mood for quite a romantic dinner, then definitely visiting this place is a good idea because they can easily count on this place especially if they’re visiting with family.


This place is one of the most important places that you should visit because this is the element firm that will enable individuals to fulfil their fantasy of themselves. Everybody will be able to indulge in the feeding, bathing and painting of the majestic animals with organic colours so that everybody can proceed with the elephant Safari without any problem.

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Hence, planning the visit to the city of Jaipur is definitely a great idea for the individual so that everybody will be able to have the best trip of their lifetime and can enjoy the contentment factor in the whole process. After all, planning a night stay in Le Meridien Jaipur is great so that everybody can spend the perfect time over here.


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