Top 5 Reasons to Take Your Kids to India

India is among those countries that are a beautiful melting pot of several cultures and traditions. Stepping into India is equivalent to stepping into a riot of several colours just like India’s famous festival Holi. However, covering this South Asian Country in its entirety isn’t an easy task. Each state in the country has so much to explore and discover. Be it the stunning Kashmir Valley or the South Indian temples, India is a massive country to cover. The vibrancy of the country along with its rich culture and heritage can be a great educational experience for kids! It is also a great place to expand upon your kid’s knowledge about cultural differences. Therefore, don’t think twice before you take your kids to India.

The Top 5 Reasons To Take Your Kids To India

Marvel at Indian History and Architecture

India today rests on several layers of history. Each layer until today shows its presence in the country. It isn’t surprising how almost any place in India has one historical monument worth admiring. There are over 3500 monuments protected by the Archaeological Survey of India and around 40 World Heritage Sites. People usually come to Agra and gawk at the Taj Mahal. However, there are endless gems like this strewn all across the Indian subcontinent.

You can take your kids around the ruins of Hampi in a tuk-tuk. You can explore the beauty of old Indian Temples along with a guide. There are also so many old caves in India which have carvings and paintings. Every piece of Indian architecture in India from North to South and West to East has a story to share. From Emperor Ashoka’s rule to the raja maharajas, the Mughals and the colonial era. Your kids will enjoy the number of stories they hear and marvel at how advanced people were even centuries ago. This is definitely the best reason to take your kids to India.

Relish the Cultural Experiences

While Indian architecture is undoubtedly remarkable, experiencing the Indian culture is a wow factor you cannot miss. Every region in India has its own set of performing arts and traditions. You kids would love to light candles in the ghats in Varanasi or watch the sunset on a boat ride there. Also, the experience of visiting the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar and enjoying the free meal at their community kitchen.

You could also take your kids to India during one of their famous festivals. You will be surprised how passionately each festival is celebrated here. The bustling street markets and the endless sea of people cover the roads. If it’s Durga puja or Ganesh Chaturthi, you will see so many pandals in their respective states. Apart from all this, do not forget to take your kids to folk theatres in India as well as the cultural dance and music performances here. They will love how fancy, complicated yet graceful are the Indian performing arts.

Stay in Palaces and Enjoy a Camel Ride

If you are indeed taking your kids to India, visiting the beautiful state of Rajasthan should top your list. This colourful and vibrant state will help them take back so many memories. Firstly, the state has different Palace hotels where you can experience living like a Royal. Secondly, you will find an endless amount of gorgeous palaces and forts to visit there. You can camp in the desert as well as make your kids ride a camel. They can also ride an elephant at the Amber Fort in Jaipur. In addition, You may also enjoy taking them on a tiger safari at the famous Ranthambore. Also, Don’t miss watching a puppet show while you are in Rajasthan! Rajasthan and its cities will leave your kids in awe with what all it has to offer. From birdwatching to even boating, your kids will love it all!

Food, Food and More Food

Talking about India and leaving out food is almost a crime. It is spicy, sour, sweet and whatnot. The experience of eating Indian food is a delight you may not want to miss. Each state has its own specialities in terms of extravagant dishes to even street food. Don’t forget to make your kids try the Pani Puri and chaats in India. Be it samosa or Chole Bhature, you will be shocked at the flavour of Indian spices in your mouth. You must make them experience a south Indian meal on a banana leaf along with the traditional Dal Baati in Rajasthan. India truly leaves you in awe with its immense variety of culinary extravaganza. However spicy some dishes are, there is an endless amount of sweet dishes to help balance that. Be it gulab jamuns or jalebis, let your kids taste that syrup and forget all about maple syrup for a while. Oh, and don’t forget to try different types of Indian curries!

Natural Heritage Of India

A lot of people believe that India is all crowded and polluted. However, exploring India’s natural heritage and the abundance of nature will leave you in disbelief. There are many Indians themselves who are shocked when they explore these places in their country. From the Kashmir valley to the gorgeous backwaters of Kerala, hill stations in India are a beautiful and endearing experience. Places like Goa and its beaches along with certain eco-tourist spots will leave you shocked. All these places also have various activities that your children can take part in. However, the most important visits are the 7 UNESCO World heritage sites of India. You and your children will truly get to experience the rich flora and fauna that India has to offer. Some places have safari options too. If your children love wildlife, they will also love these biodiversity hotspots of the country.

In Conclusion

All in all, one could list several reasons for you to take your kids to India. However, The cultural richness and the beauty of its diversity are two good enough reasons.

Author Bio: Paridhi Maheshwari is an aspiring journalist aiming to cover human interest stories through the power of her words. She enjoys shopping for trending vintage aesthetic outfits.


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