What are ADHD Toys and How It Can Help Your Special Child

If your child has ADHD, most toys don’t catch their attention or are not working well enough for them. And why would they? Your child has some special needs, and to address those needs, you need special ADHD toys! These are great for keeping your little ones engaged while helping them learn and develop their skills.

Wish to know more about these toys before you buy them? Then read on as we discuss what ADHD sensory toys are and how they are useful for your kids. We have also added the top seven best ADHD toys that your kid will love playing with. Let’s get started!

What Are ADHD Sensory Toys?

ADHD toys are special toys specifically designed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder kids. ADHD kids have many problems focusing on the problems at hand, and small events can trigger them, making them panic and scared.

So to keep them calm and continue their learning curve, manufacturers have designed special ADHD gifts like weighted blankets, sensory toys, and much more. The toys also help improve their social, cognitive, and motor skills.

Let us elaborate on how these toys are useful for kids.

How Are They Useful For Kids?

  • One of the major reasons ADHD toys are useful is that they can help your kid focus. These toys are designed to engage them physically and mentally in any activity. For example, fidget spinners are great for ADHD kids in class as it helps them focus on the lesson.
  • These toys also help to develop a child’s social skills. With games like funny faces, a child learns about expressions and feelings from a young age. It helps them understand what others are going through and how to recognize that from their facial expressions. These skills later help them communicate their feelings and talk about others.
  • It is very difficult for ADHD children to find games to keep them engaged. So, the toys ensure that they do not lose interest and find the game interesting enough to keep playing it for long.
  • ADHD kids also tend to get very insecure or overwhelmed at times. For them, it is essential to keep a particular item that can help them keep calm. For them, one can give ADHD presents like slimes or weighted blankets and vests to ensure from time to time.

Top 7 ADHD Toys For Your Child


Most ADD or ADHD kids get frustrated easily because they cannot follow complex instructions. However, with Interlox, they won’t have to worry about complications! It is a super educational, fun, and easy building game that your child will love to play.

The game comes with simple squares that your child can clip together to make different combinations. So your kid can make houses, planes, robots, and so much more!

Kinetic Sand

If your child is suffering from sensory integration problems, they will love this kinetic sand game! This game helps them make what they want without having to clean themselves up after the play. The special sensory sand is capable of sticking to itself so that your ADHD child can make things from their imaginations – like sculptures and sandcastles! Even interactive sandbox tables can be amazing for special kids.

Also, the squishy soft texture of the sand is a perfect form of stress relief for your child. It will help them calm themselves if they become overstimulated or overwhelmed during the holiday season.

Fiddlelinks Fidgeter

Is your child struggling to stay awake while watching TV, on long car rides, or in classes? Then get them a fun fidget spinner like the Fiddlelinks Fidgeter! It is a fun fidget developed specially by hand therapists to keep your child’s hands occupied when they feel bored. It helps their ADHD brains focus on the important things. For example, the fidget squishy sensory toys which can be amazing for ADHD special child.

Also, these ADHD toys can help exercise joints and improve finger dexterity. It will ensure that your child’s hands are strong and flexible.

Champion Sports Scooter Board

For ADHD kids with high-energy and hyperactive nature, you need something that will keep their minds and hands engaged. For those kids, you can get a fun Champion Sports Scooter Board to help them burn their excess energy.

Your child can also use this board indoors and play with their friends for hours. Be it just scooting around the room, pulling each other, or racing – kids will be happy and engaged for a long time!

Funny Faces

It is very difficult for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD to develop social skills. To help them out, you can get them this fun game of Funny Faces. Here they can learn more about nonverbal cues and facial expressions in a pressure-free, engaging way. Even if your child is super young, they will be able to play this game, and it can help them associate expressions in real life, helping them develop social skills.


If your kid likes video games, you should get them a super educational one – Minecraft! It is a fun game with lots of time management and planning skills. And both these skills are essential for your child’s ADHD brain!

Weighted Fleece Vest

Lastly, a kid with severe ADHD will need something to calm their hyperactive minds. So, several doctors have suggested getting weighted items like a weighted fleece vest. Your child can carry or wear the vest wherever they go and do not have to look around for assurance from others.

The vest will provide the special hug feeling that every ADHD kid needs from time to time. It will help them calm down in their own time without having to draw attention to themselves.


And that is all you need to know about ADHD toys! These are super fun and educational for your child and keep them engaged for hours. They will also help improve your kid’s motor and emotional skills to help in their overall growth and development. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the above-mentioned ADHD toys and watch your kids have fun every day. All the best!

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