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Child With ADHD: How To Cope? Best Advice!

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, has become all the rage in recent decades. In the meantime, the scientific world is arguing about how to correctly recognize and treat this syndrome, the problem is growing exponentially – more and more children suffer from concentration disorders.

“I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder!… So what? What it is?”

In many ways, this “and what” is correct: you are an ordinary young man with your good and bad moods, high and low amounts of energy. At the same time, living and growing up with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is fraught with difficulties and sometimes serious obstacles. People tend to think that only children can have ADHD, and it goes away with age. Unfortunately, this is not true. Modern research has shown that in ⅓ of children with ADHD, it disappears with age, in – the symptoms of the disorder remain. Therefore, you need to learn to live with it. It is not uncommon for young people to believe that they themselves are the cause of ADHD. This is not true. This is not your fault. ADHD is caused by genes and can also be found in other family members. We are talking about a slightly different functioning of the brain.

ADHD is not a disease. Doctors call it a disorder. What, then, is violated? The ability to concentrate on activities requiring mental stress is impaired. In children and adults, the manifestations of the disorder may be slightly different. If in children it is physical hyperactivity that is in the foreground, as a result of which they sometimes resemble “energizer hares”, then in adults and adolescents the disorder is expressed differently. In adults, the main difficulties are associated with concentration, distraction, and problems with adhering to agreements and deadlines. It can be difficult to make decisions and stick to them.

In addition, people with ADHD tend to overreact emotionally and impulsively. To get a better understanding of what can be difficult, you can ask yourself the following questions.

ADHD is not just a burden

Sometimes it can feel like ADHD is a real pain, but not always. A friend, child, or parent with ADHD can be special in a good way. For example, a person with ADHD can be astonishingly creative, sociable, have a vivid imagination, be sensual, empathic, and have original thinking. These are all positive properties! But ADHD-induced behavior can sometimes overshadow these talents. So, the latter can go unnoticed and unrecognized. If you have ADHD, then you must take care of this special energy and learn to channel it so that it helps you develop your strengths.

Advice for parents:

  1. Set adequate goals. ADHD is a biological trait, not a disease. People with this syndrome are as healthy as everyone else. Parents of children with ADHD need to understand very clearly that hyperactivity does not need to be eliminated – it is necessary to neutralize its manifestations.
  2. Watch your child. The manifestations of the syndrome are recognized early – at 3-4 years. This is excessive sensitivity to stimuli – loud crying, sleep disturbance, neuropathic syndrome. If the parents see this, it is necessary to observe the child and go for a medical diagnosis.
  3. Chat with your kids. Children with ADHD often have problems interacting with their parents, so it is necessary to practice communication skills with elders. All patterns of behavior are learned through observation, through a role-playing game. Children are a reflection of their parents.  In order to understand your children better, you need to study your children and expand information about this problem. Therefore, look at the best ADHD quotes for parents ones in order to understand your child. So If children do not communicate with anyone, then parents can come up with an explanation for this and find a pathology. The main mistake here is the lack of attention and firmness of upbringing.
  4. Show, don’t explain. How can you use a child’s inability to focus on something? It turns out that such children can still concentrate and hold attention for about 20 minutes but on something super interesting. Next comes the discharge, and the child is excluded from the process.
  5. Develop your planning skills. A child with ADHD is capable of incredible predictions. Such an example was Winston Churchill, who suffered from ADHD: he was kicked out of the army, he was prevented from pursuing a political career, he failed every election in the world, he lasted a single term as prime minister. But during all this time, he was the only person who managed to pull Great Britain out of World War II. The country has retained its integrity, both its economy and human potential.

Parents of children with attention-deficit should not despair. If a person knows how to cope with his hyperactivity, then it will not particularly interfere with him in life. Most people with ADHD are very friendly, intelligent, and creative. They are capable of thinking about new and exciting ideas and inventing. Many of them think very quickly, they have a well-developed sense of humor, they enjoy the love of others, and easily make friends.


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