Ways To Mentor Your Kids At Home

Mentoring kids at home is important because it provides them guidance and support as they navigate their personal and academic development. Home mentoring has changed over time in that it has become increasingly accessible through digital tools and resources. In the past, the primary way to mentor children was by providing them with face-to-face instruction, which may not always be feasible. Now, more adults are able to serve as mentors to children through virtual learning platforms, video chat, or even just by talking on the phone. Adults now have access to a wider range of resources, like online curriculums and age-appropriate books, to help guide and support the development of children.

Steps to Mentor Your Kids Effectively at Home

1.   Have a Good Connection With Your Child

Mentors who are successful “connect” for respect, not by demanding it from others, but rather by earning it through honesty and being open with their children. This means that they should be willing to share their individual experiences, not omitting any of the challenging parts. The connection between parents and kids is extremely important while mentoring kids. As a parent, you play a vital role in setting the tone for your child’s development and growth. Through connection, parents can provide support and guidance for their children to help them reach their fullest potential. 

For example, when it comes to school-aged children, parents can serve as role models and provide support in times of need. This could be as simple as helping your child develop and maintain good study habits or as complex as helping your child understand the concepts they are being taught in class. Establishing a strong and meaningful connection with your child can also help build trust and create an environment where your child feels comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings. This can help you better understand the issues your child could be facing.

2.   Communication

Communication is an essential factor in mentoring young children because it helps to foster a trusting relationship between mentor and mentee. When communication is strong, mentors can provide support, guidance, and encouragement to their mentees, helping them to feel safe, valued and understood. Communication allows mentors to become more aware of any potential issues that their mentees may be facing and can help them to think through solutions together. It also encourages open dialogue, which enables the development of problem-solving skills that will help the mentee beyond the mentorship period.

For example, good communication with the kids stops them from lying and being honest about everything. They will accept the fact that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them instead of hiding them and making them a habit. Good communication makes a child comfortable while sharing any problems with the parents.

3.   Be a Good Role Model

Being a good role model is an important responsibility for parents, as it helps to shape their children’s perspectives, habits, and values. Children look up to and imitate their parents, making it important for parents to serve as positive influences in their kids’ lives.  

For example, if a parent chooses to spend excessive amounts of time on their phone or other devices, or is constantly checking their work emails, their children may observe this behavior and adopt their own version of this tech addiction. On the other hand, if a parent chooses to spend quality time with their children, engages with them in meaningful conversations, and encourages them to spend time outdoors engaging in physical activities, their children are more likely to follow it. This helps to teach children about the importance of creating healthy habits and spending time with family, developing a positive mindset, and being more aware of their environment.

4.   Do Extra Activities and Share Ideas

Extra activities are a key motivation for keeping the kids cheerful. While mentoring most parents forget the fact that you can also mentor a kid in a fun environment. This way a child learns without realizing that they’re being taught several values and rules of life in a very joyful way.

Sharing ideas will let you know about your child’s perspective and how they think similarly or differently in comparison to other kids. This way you will know if they’re going on the right path or not. If not, you will always have the chance to improve before it’s too late. On the other hand, children will also learn how to express ideas which will be helpful for them in the future while communicating with external groups like teachers, friends, and so on.

Other Types of Mentoring

Other types of mentoring can be used to socialize a child in a good manner.

1.   Group mentoring

Group mentoring involves grown-up volunteers establishing relationships with multiple kids, promoting either a specific project or a continuing activity so that they can be invested in the idea together which leads to interaction and communication.

2.   Team mentoring

Team mentoring includes multiple kids performing the same task and focusing on team building, leadership coaching, and providing help to the local community.

3.   Family mentoring

Family mentoring pairs low-income families with mentors – this could be another family unit – to give them access to resources, help them learn life skills, build up family dynamics, and †he ways they can mentor their child in a busy schedule.


Before a good education and work life mentoring your child successfully comes first as this shapes the person they will become in the future. Mentoring children at the right time will build up a strong foundation from a very early age which will make them upright people in the future. Doing well in school or scoring good grades should be the least of your concern as a child who is mentored in the right way can become successful in every path.


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