How Can You Keep Your Home Safe From the Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards?

The electricity that flows through your home has many benefits. However, it can also be a safety hazard causing harm or even death in some cases. Fortunately, most electrical hazards can be avoidable with the right know-how.

In order to protect your loved ones, you need to be aware of the electrical safety hazards in your home.

By knowing what they are and where they are situated you can take action before any harm is done. Electrical circuits, in particular, can be very dangerous if they are not repaired by a highly trained and professional electrician.

By learning about all of the electrical risks in your home you will be able to keep safe.

Here, our focus will be on how you can keep your home from the most dangerous electrical hazards.

Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards in a Home

Electrical hazards can cause very serious injuries that require hospitalization. As such, they need to be identified as soon as possible. Below are some of the most common electrical hazards in the home that you should be on the lookout for.

Wiring problems or weak wiring can be very dangerous. Most homeowners are not aware of the differences between subpar and superb wiring. Poor wiring will increase the risk of spark faults, surges, fires and other disasters that can cause injury or death.

If you notice a continuous burning smell then you should update your home’s wiring as soon as possible. Also, if you notice a discoloured outlet in your home then you should also update your wiring sooner rather than later.

If you are not sure of how old your home’s wiring is then you should schedule an electrical inspection.

Outlets near water are a risk. It is important to note that water conducts electricity. If you have outlets in your pantry, washroom and other areas that are water adjacent then you should ensure that they are a good distance away from nearby water sources.

If an electrical supply is in close proximity to a water source then the risk of electrical shock, equipment damage and fires will increase exponentially.

Electrical cords and wires with covers are also a potential hazard to be aware of. Heavy wire wrapping should be avoided whenever possible, as it may cause your cords to melt or overheat over time.

If your wires and cords need to be wrapped then ensure that whatever is covering your cords and wires will not trap excess heat.

Light bulbs, while seemingly innocuous, can also serve as an electrical safety hazard. Older light bulbs, in particular, are notorious for generating large quantities of heat. If you are currently using old light bulbs then you should replace them asap.

At the very least you should ensure that they are kept as far away as possible from flammable objects.

Outlets and power strips that are overloaded can also pose a serious threat to your home and its inhabitants. Many people will plug all of their electronics into a single strip or power bar because it is a simple and convenient solution.

However, if you connect too many electronics to a single power bar or strip you run the risk of overheating the unit, which may lead to a devastating fire in the middle of the night.

Methods for Avoiding Electrical Dangers at Home

You should install a state-of-the-art Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) in order to stop electrical hazards in their tracks.

 A GFI will be able to prevent a short circuit. A GFI can also identify current leakages in your circuits and can even detect when a device has made contact with liquid.

You should also understand what all of the readings on your equipment mean in order to determine what course of action to take in the event that you notice an abnormal reading.

Also, while an electrical outlet extending device can help make your life more convenient, it should be avoided because of its poor safety ratings. However, in some cases, you may need to use one.

If you absolutely must use an extension cord or power strip then make sure that it is in excellent condition and that it is manufactured by a reputable company.

In addition, any broken wall plates should be replaced as soon as possible. Wall plates are needed in order to protect you from touching exposed wiring that can electrocute you. If your wall plates are broken or missing, and you accidentally touch the wiring behind them, then you can get the shock of a lifetime.

Socket covers are also a must if you have children and want to protect them from possibly being electrocuted due to their curiosity. It also goes without saying that water and electricity, akin to water and oil, should never be combined if you value your health.

Advantages of Having a Routine Electrical Inspection

It’s easy to overlook electrical problems if you’re not actively seeking them out. Routine electrical inspections can protect your home from damage and may even save your life.

In sum, routine electrical inspections will make your home safer, lower your monthly energy bill, and will also protect any expensive appliances and equipment in your home.

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Better Safe Than Sorry

Many homeowners ignore electrical hazards until it is too late. While electricity is essential in order for most people to live comfortably in today’s modern society, it can also be a very dangerous safety hazard if you are not careful.

Fortunately, following a few safety guidelines and making a few changes to your home’s configurations can help protect your assets and your loved ones.

Furthermore, any electrical repairs that need to be done should be performed by a licensed and bonded electrician who has a proven track record of success. Check online reviews or ask trusted friends and family if they can recommend a reliable electrician in your area.

Author Bio: Stephanie Alexander is a blogger. She is currently a blog manager, predominantly based in the Greater Toronto Area, managing content for a few different blogs for different clients with wildly varying information needs or topics of interest. She likes to research topics mainly related to home improvement. Most recently she graduated from the University of British Columbia with her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Creative Writing with Honours.


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