Ways to Bond With Your Children Over Summer

Everyone looks forward to summer all year. Old or young, working, homemaker or retired, there’s just something about the warm weather that makes you want to kick back and enjoy quality time with the people you love. That’s why summer is such a great time to bond more with your children. In this article we’ve got some top tips on fun activities from easy cricket games for kids to creating your own family adventure. Read on for our top tips!

Fun Summer Activities

So, that sun is shining and school’s out for summer. What kind of things will really get your family together? Here are four different ideas to try:

1. Teach kids traditional outdoor summer games

Kids love their screens these days, but it might just be because they don’t realise how fun old-fashioned games can be. Teach kids games that you played as a child. They’ll be excited about trying something new, but will also be intrigued to hear about what it was like to have fun when you were a child, many moons ago…

2. Play a team sport together

There’s nothing better than a team sport for bringing family together. If you’ve got fewer than three children, rope in cousins, aunts, grandparents… whoever’s up for it and try playing a group sport. For those with little ones you can always opt for simplified versions such as these easy cricket games for kids or try school sports day type events such as the egg and spoon or three-legged race. Not sure what to pick? Cricket is a great way to begin – have a look at this article on the importance of cricket games for kids to get started.

3. Go on an adventure

Children love adventures. And as you’ll soon find out if you go on one, adults love them too. Choose an area that’s unknown to you and your family, maybe a bit of nearby forest or a hilly area. Do a bit of research beforehand and give yourselves a list of things to find for example types of trees, wildlife or a local monument. If you’re feeling really energetic you go could ahead beforehand and plant some ‘treasure’ for your kids to find. Exploring somewhere new builds stronger relationships and happy memories.

4. Learn a new skill together

There’s something about all being beginners at the same time that is very bonding. When you’ve got more time over the summer choose something for your family to learn together. Think creatively – it could be an artistic or musical pursuit, maybe a sport you’re all keen to try. You could even learn different, but complementary things together like different musical instruments ahead of a family jamming session when you’re all (reasonably) good enough. Kids respect adults who show enough humility to try something they might be bad at and will enjoy the process of getting better at things together.

Why summer is the best time to do something new

Now you’ve got a few ideas of bonding things to do, what is it about summer that makes it such a good time to do so?

  • The weather makes it easier to enjoy the great outdoors
  • School holidays give families the time to spend together that they wouldn’t otherwise have
  • Sunshine makes everyone feel a bit happier and more enthusiastic about trying new things
  • Family trips abroad are a great time to forge new memories and try new things

Those are our top tips on bonding with your family in the warmer months. There are loads of good reasons to do so and even more exciting activities you could choose. Remember, whether it’s easy cricket games for kids or learning a new instrument whatever you do will help bring your family together.


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