Games to Teach Your Kids Now That Will Help Their Future

In the 21st Century, parents focus their attention solely on education in order to prepare their kids for the future while they forget the usual saying, “all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. While it’s important for kids to also find time to play, parents are not aware that there is a bunch of good games you can teach your kids now and in the future, will be of great help for them, especially in their future career.

The current rate of technological development means that new types of jobs, in new fields are coming to market every year, many jobs you can do now didn’t even exist just 10 years ago. So it’s important to prepare your children to think creatively and to be flexible so they are able to adapt to future job markets.

These games are not just fun but an important part of the learning process that teaches kids helpful skills, help them burn off excess energy and help them bond with friends. We have done the research and come up with fun games with learning potentials. This article reveals how each game helps to build your kids for the future.

1. Hide and Seek

When kids play this game now, it will teach and help them to solve problems in the future, starting with their academics. This game builds spatial awareness, allowing them to consider a series of factors for the best place they can hide for the longest period of time. When they become conversant with the game, it will help them in an in-depth assessment approach as they will continue to think about the best-hidden place that is not usually checked during free play.

2. Sleeping Lions

Staying focused in spite of distraction is an essential lesson for every kid – Sleeping Lions helps the kids to learn this important life skill. During this game, all the kids lie down as if they’re asleep while one of them walk around to distract others to be awake, the last kid that maintain that sleeping position is the winner. This game teaches the kids to stay focused without being distracted in whatever they’re doing, no matter the level of distraction from the peers. Though staying focused may be something difficult for kids to achieve but the more they practice how to focus during Sleeping Lions will help them to build a stronger focus in the future, irrespective of the environment they find themselves.

3. Hopscotch

Thinking skills is another essential skill that kids must possess, hopscotch will definitely help them develop this skill. The hopscotch shape is drawn on the sidewalk while they take a turn in tossing a rock underhand the hopscotch shape. Then they need to avoid the square the rock landed on as they navigate the hopscotch course. Obviously, avoiding the square with the rock is often difficult while hopping on one foot, hence, kids must plan ahead in order to locate the best route through the course.

4. Parachute Games

Building teamwork in business starts with kids playing with the parachute. Kids play this fun game by standing around a circle while holding a parachute between them. Kids toss up and down a ball or any other object that is placed on the parachute. Kids must maintain a sync movement or the ball fall-off the parachute. In the case of a big parachute, kids must work together as a team to keep the balls from falling or learn how to throw the parachute up so that a child that runs underneath will have passed before the parachutes fall.

5. Simon Says

Kids can learn how to pay a close attention to instructions with the Simon Says. This fun educative game also gives them a taste of leadership. The game allows a child to ask their peers to perform a silly duty in this manner, “Simon says jump like a frog or touch your nose, etc.” Other kids keep obeying as long as “Simon Says” is added to the given instruction. Kids who don’t pay quick attention ends up being the only one performing the silly action. This allows them to listen carefully to instructions before performing any action.

As parents who want games that will teach their kids important future skills, these games mentioned above are the best for that purpose. While it looks like your kids are just playing fun games, they’re actually learning life skills that will aid their success in their career.


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