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Tips On How To Connect With Your Toddler

It is imperative to understand what your child wants from you. Children usually tend to be extremely moody and stubborn. Sometimes they do not want to talk to you and sometimes they communicate so much that they just cannot stop talking to you. They might want to be left alone on some days; and some days they would not go anywhere without you. Children are fast learners and you must start teaching them early how to handle things and try to create an everlasting connection with them.

Things to know about your toddler

When your child is between the age group of one to three years, then he belongs to the “toddler” group. They are called toddlers because of their unique way of walking and also because their brains at this age goes through a mind-blowing development. At the age of three, your toddler’s brain is 80% the size of an adult that is going through an enormous amount of development.

Toddlers generally go through a hell lot of frustration because the wish to be independent, but they are afraid to be separated from you; they have too many emotions dwelling up inside, but they are unable to express them to you; and they start realizing and discovering the outside world which all seems new to them.

How to connect with your toddler in your absence?

By the time you kid turns three years old, it is time for him to join the pre-school. At this time, he is completely attached and dependent upon you, so it I becomes very difficult for your kid to digest and handle when he/she is separated from you. This usually ends up with him/her being forced to get separated and be sent to school. In this process, the kid sobs, cries and goes through a series of thoughts that might lead to a gap between you and child. In order to avoid this and to make you kid take the separation in a positive way, you need to communicate with him/her.

Either it is sending your toddler to a childcare center or pre-school, you need to talk to your child in a convincing manner and explain to him/her why being apart for a specific amount of time is necessary. Talk to your toddler about how much time will you be away, and after that you will come back for him, so that you both can spend the time and talk about what you did in each other’s absence. This communication about separation will allow you to connect with your child on a completely new level. It will make him more sensitive and understanding towards your thoughts.

Making your child feel comfortable in your presence as well as in your absence is very important. So when you leave your child at a day care center, make sure you call him/ her multiple times in a day, to talk to them and let them know that you remember them and that they will see you soon. Also, cook for them and pack them a snack box, which will remind them of you and make them feel much closer to you. Allow your kid using simplicef for his pets, story books or family pictures that constantly remind them of you and help them to not miss you or home much.

Another great thing is to get rid of household pests that way your kid is safe when he gets home.

When kids are too addicted or use to of your presence around them, even a minute of non-availability of you will cause immense pain inside them. Hence, make your children accustomed to being away from you. Play games like hide-and-seek, peek-a-boo or create games with toys that involve appearing and disappearing. Let them know that at the end, they will find what they wish to see.

How to connect with your toddler’s emotions?

It becomes very difficult for parents when children are unable to express their emotions or convey what they want to say. In such situations, kids have a tremendous breakdown and end up crying for hours.

As parents, you must emotionally connect with your child to understand what he/she wants to express. You can teach your toddler how to react or act when he/she goes through something. For example, teach them how to tell you if they are hurt, or need to visit the washroom, or need something to eat or drink, or experiencing pain in any part of the body. When you and your child share the same wavelength and know what action translates to what conclusion, it becomes extremely easy and convenient for you and your toddler to connect.

If your child displays a very naughty, arrogant, or aggressive behavior, make sure you counsel your child and teach him manners and etiquettes required to control his anger and misbehavior. Communicate to him the cons of being a bad child and how it will affect in future. Children are very good learners while they are in their toddlers age, so utilize this opportunity and connect with your child to make him a better person.

How to connect with your child positively?

As it is your duty to correct and rectify your kid’s bad behavior, it is also your responsibility to acknowledge and encourage when he acts wise or carries himself in his best behavior. If he is successful and excels at a particular task assigned to him/her, make sure you praise him and applaud him for his achievement. This will make the child realize how important it is for him/her to accomplish something. He will also know that his good deeds reap your joy and faith in him eventually connecting him to you.

If your toddler behaves like a good boy/girl, and listens and acts according to what you teach him, award them with goodies and their favorite food. This will make them feel special and motivate them to keep being a good person.

Play brain-building games and activities that will help grow your child, teach him new and current topics, encourage him to take up a hobby, paint with him, teach him to sing songs, help him with his pre-school homework and talk to him and teach him to share his experiences. Build a connection with your baby.

Kids are innocent and they are fast learners in their toddler days, so it is important that you try to build a long-lasting bond with your kid.


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