The Top 5 Benefits of Putting Your Child In Music Lessons

Since music classes and performing arts studies are dwindling in our school systems, many parents have turned to put their children into private music lessons. Schools don’t seem to recognize the opportunities that music lessons provide children, and as parents, we strive to have well-rounded children and provide them equal exposure to all interests. Music is one of those subjects that should be on the top of every parents’ list.

So, why music lessons? Let us look and explore some of the best benefits that music can teach our children as they grow and develop.

Higher academic scores

Believe it or not, music lessons can aid children in advanced academics. This is one of the best advantages to encourage your child to study music since it helps children improve their skills across other subjects. There was research conducted in 2009, where the findings concluded students who took music lessons were found to have significantly higher grades in other subjects than those who didn’t. Most parents want their children to get good grades, so this benefit alone is worth its weight in gold to help provide your child with a solid academic foundation.

So, how can learning music help with other subjects, like math? Well, just look at the idea behind piano chords, for example. You have to count rhythm, identify key signatures and measures, and since all of that is composed of different numbers, you’re already doing math!

Better time management and success habits

The practice outside of class is a large part of learning and studying music, especially if your children take private music lessons every week or every couple of weeks. Outside of their regular lessons, children are expected to practice and come prepared for their next one, so the lesson is not their only time of working on their music.

One of the home music teachers at Music To Your Home’s guitar lessons in New York City shares that it is important to set aside some time every day to practice an instrument or piece of music. In doing so, children learn how to manage their time efficiently and set themselves up with a working, functional routine that incorporates time to study and practice.

The time that is spent retaining information and learning is going to be essential to success. Mastering the craft of singing or playing takes patience and consistent effort, so habits are formed to set yourself on that successful path. These habits can be applied in regular study time in other subjects as well, or even as your children grow into adulthood, into scheduling many things, creating plans, and managing their time.

Advanced social skills

This is more prevalent in younger children, but music is a way to introduce language and learn patterns, and also utilized as a creative outlet for children to express feelings and emotions, which can help when relating to others, allowing for understanding and empathy.

How could your child learn skills to work well with others when they are only working with a private coach? Music requires a level of understanding when it comes to feelings and what a specific piece is trying to convey, which in turn can aid children to be more adaptable to different situations. They can read people and their emotions, pick up on certain feelings and express empathy when necessary. Children reach higher levels of social opportunity with the freedom to express thoughts and ideas.

Increased self-esteem and leadership skills

When children learn something new, it can be intimidating at first, so typically children’s self-esteem is not high at first. Encouragement from their teacher, hard work, and eventual mastering of a difficult piece of music builds up those confidence skills and creates children who are willing to continue to build upon them.

When you enroll your children in voice lessons, you can get them started with some easy songs to sing to help start them on the path to building confidence.  As your children grow and develop their voice within their lessons, they become more in-tune with their own level of skill and can improve upon their natural talent, feeling that boost of self-esteem.

Leaders tend to take more risks, and they do so because they have high confidence in their abilities and know-how to take those calculated risks. It benefits your children to not only feel more confident but to be bold in making decisions for themselves, a true mark of a great leader.

Brain function and memory

Last but definitely not least, music lessons provide children with brain power. This also ties into academics, but brain function is also a way to keep the body healthy. When you learn a new piece of music, a large part of working on it requires a lot of repetition, playing or singing parts over and over. The repetition directly impacts the memory recall part of the brain and can lead to improved memorization skills. The brain expands its capacity for memories, and learning music can help to create new memories as well.

There are many other benefits that can stem from music lessons, such as the simple reward of providing your children with a positive creative outlet for their talents. With all of these advantages, it is incredible that music education is becoming less prominent in our school systems. Let’s be sure to keep music alive in our children and provide them with all of the wonderful opportunities that come from it.


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