Navigating the Digital Classroom: The Best Education Apps of 2024

Going to extra tuition classes or arranging a tutor for your kids is a passé now.

In this digital arena, everything operates and functions through that small assistant that fits in the pocket easily.

Yes, you got it right, we are hinting at smartphones, which are filled with numerous advantages, and one of those is mobile apps.

As we all know, kids prefer spending a larger chunk of their time of the day on smartphones leading to some serious concerns in the future.

But this habit can be converted into a constructive one with The Best Education Apps.

To help you glean insights and bring forth a clear understanding of top-notch educational apps, we have brought you this post today.

Let’s explore and learn together.

Google Classroom

Google is all about exceptional quality to learn, grow, and scale ahead.

This app justifies every bit of Goggle’s legacy by connecting learners to instructors and streamlines the ecosystem of learning with classes and assignments with a time-bound feature.

The app stands tall in the world of educational apps for multiple reasons, and one of the most prominent ones is that it removes any sort of miscommunication while bringing a positive shift to how classes are conducted.

This app is hugely popular in the USA, UK, India, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Peru, Mexico, and so on.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • Different class management simultaneously
  • Add new course via link or code
  • Integrated with ed-tech tools
  • Work/ assignment needs to be snapped & submitted


  • Downloads- 100M+
  • Price- Free


For children, learning starts with stories till the time they reach the stage where they can read on their own.

Epic offers the world’s largest virtual library with more than 40K best children’s books, audiobooks & videos.

This app comes packed with a ‘read-me- feature’ for tiny tots to read and learn with background voices & fun music.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • Available in different languages
  • Fun rewards and exciting quizzes
  • Vast eBook library
  • Read-me feature
  • Brings an offline download facility


  • Downloads- 10M+
  • Price- $7.99/ monthly


For MIT, Harvard, and Yale aspirants, this app is a blessing.

With this app, students can access multiple free online courses offered by top-notch universities in the world with certification to flaunt their career graph.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • Backed by the best professors in the world
  • Offers fun learning with quizzes with credit from the best universities
  • Certification with authentication
  • Has high-quality video


  • Downloads- 5M+
  • Price- $349 per head


This app is a sure-shot way to success for students who want to collaborate with other fellows and teachers alike.

It promotes communication & learning with group studies conducted through online platforms.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • Seamless communication & collaboration between teachers & students
  • Allows teachers to send updates via broadcasts
  • Clutter-free on boarding process
  • Robust data security
  • Brings a message-scheduling option


  • Downloads- 10M+
  • Price- Free + Paid


In the world of learning Udemy has a special place, and it is not just a launching learning pad for students but also working professionals.

It offers 1000s of learning lessons through video tutorials on different topics to improve skills, learn a new skill set, or simply get expert advice and solutions.

If somebody wants to share their knowledge with others, they can pick the education business Udemy has to offer and teach.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • Offers free courses and paid as well
  • Check course content and reviews before enrolling
  • Give access to audio & video materials
  • Has an offline download feature
  • Q&A feature enables interacting with others


  • Downloads- 10M+
  • Price- Free + Paid version from $12.99 to $199.99


This app is a perfect solution integrated with AI in Education to solve problems and enhance the learning experience.

It offers more than 700 M digital flashcards and allows students to create their own as well.

With this app, students can experience customized learning through interactive tests powered by AI tools.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • Best interactive lessons
  • Gives expert solutions


  • Downloads- 10M+
  • Price- $7.99/monthly


Well, most of us accept the fact that mathematics apart from basic calculations can be a bugbear.

The constant evolution of mathematical practices has made it challenging for students to understand and imply formulas at the right place.

This issue is well-addressed by Photomath as a rescue.

With this app, students can click a picture of their query and the app analyzes the answer.

It further simplifies the process with step-by-step video tutorials, interactive graphs & easy formulas.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • The app can work without the internet
  • Requires phone camera to scan the query
  • Comprehends handwritten problems
  • Has a scientific calculator
  • Multiple ways to solve the problem


  • Downloads- 100M+
  • Price- $9.99/monthly

Reading Eggs

The more said about this app will be less, and the reasons are not just one but numerous.

This app has received multiple awards for enabling kids to learn how to read easily.

Reading usually becomes a concern for some parents, as it requires special attention towards letter identification, and any negligence provided at this time can cause harm.

With this app, as the name suggests, it breaks the barrier of reading, while offering a dashboard for parents to track their kids’ progress.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • Focus on phonics, vocabulary, fluency, & comprehension
  • Easy reading practices through fun-filled games
  • Offers a vast storage of digital storybooks.
  • Fun-filled homework tasks


  • Downloads- 1M+
  • Price- $6.99/monthly

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Indeed, this app is one of the best educational apps enabling learners to enhance their vocabulary building with engaging cookie monsters.

To make the platform easier and interesting to learn from, it offers letters and sounds to build new words and bake them into new letters while relishing fun learning time.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • New names & sounds learning
  • Cookies can be decorated to enhance color learning
  • Offers 90+ words to build and learn vocabulary
  • Enhances letter identification


  • Downloads- 10M+
  • Price- In-App Purchase $2.99


Kids prefer fun and it is hard to expect them to get serious about learning. Hence learning has to be made simpler, fun-filled, and engaging.

Is this too much to ask for?

Well, this demand is well-addressed by the Homer app, which is tested by pedagogical experts.

This app has an easy learning program that has fun games to boost learning capabilities in kids.

Furthermore, this app consists of more than 1000 interactive lessons, learning games, and moral stories giving a positive impact on kids’ social learning, thinking, and creative skills.

Exceptional features it entails are:

  • Interactive lessons designed to improve thinking skills
  • Language support to gain confidence in speaking
  • Privacy of data


  • Downloads- 1M+
  • Price- $9.99/monthly

The Bottomline

The usage of educational apps has brought a learning curve for the students to explore and learn in abundance.

Smartphones are no longer a source of entertainment only, but with such apps, it has envisaged a new set of opportunities for the learners despite their age groups to transform their learning capabilities into thought-provoking.

Technological advancements such as AR, VR, AI, and IoT among others, imbibed within app development have transformed the way knowledge is accessed and shared.

Educational institutions must hire mobile app developers to build an online presence of their offerings and ensure to expand their customer base to global geographies.


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