Time-Saving Tips for Busy Professionals: How Ghostwriting Can Help You Publish Your Book

Writing is challenging. Writing is intriguing. Writing is fun. That is, until… it’s not.

Sometimes, you want to write a lot. But it feels like too much work. Sometimes, you’re pumped for work but you can’t think of where to begin and how to put everything together. Other times, you notice plot holes and everything feels like a mess. You even begin noticing how well others are doing, and begins to emotionally drain you at some point.

Yet when all seems dark and gloomy, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. In this situation, it’s the option to seek help. It’s the option to hire a ghostwriter.

But isn’t that cheating?

It does feel like it at first. But think about it…

It’s a project that comes out of your head. It wouldn’t have existed without you. All the ideas and basic plots, characters, and world-building were yours to begin with. You simply used a helping hand to put it all together in a neat manner.

That said, here are some tips that can help you finish your book quicker.

Tip 1: Hire A Ghostwriter Where You’re Blocked

I’m sure writer’s block isn’t a foreign concept to anyone in our fraternity. So, as I mentioned in the introduction, if you get too many blocks or feel overwhelmed, ghostwriting is a neat way out.

One of the biggest reasons you want to hire a ghostwriter is to save time. If finishing a book by yourself may take you 4-5 months, a ghostwriter might help you finish it within 1-2.

Plus, you don’t have to hire a newbie. There are many experienced professional ghostwriters available. They can adjust to your writing style and tone to deliver content that fits perfectly with your book.

Tip 2: Don’t Get Multiple Writer For One Project

It might feel like two heads are better than one. In many cases, that’s exactly how it is. But not here. When you’re getting help from a writer to complete your book, you need to hire one writer to complete that book. You don’t need two, three, four or an army of ghostwriters for the job.

But say you do get multiple people on board, there would be some issues like:

  • Delays due to disagreements between the writers
  • Plot-holes due to writers not being in sync with each other’s approaches
  • Inconsistent writing due to differences in adapting your style

In the end, it’s not worth the investment or the trouble. So, I’d suggest sticking to the one. Of course, you should hire more if you’ve got multiple projects going on at the same time.

Tip 3: Use Generative AI For Creative Ideas

You’ve got others there to help you out. But it’s still supposed to be YOUR book. So, you need to take some ownership of it regardless.

In that aspect, one thing that you need to do before handing over your project is to create a personalized content brief.

This would help you offer your writers an insight into your vision for the project. Subsequently, what they’d write would be more up to your expectations.

But even for that, sometimes you’ll need ideas for world-building, character traits, plot twists, and summarization.

For that, I recommend turning to a generative AI tool like ChatGPT, Bing’s Co-pilot, or Google’s Gemini for inspiration. It’s another way to save your time for quicker project completion.

Tip 4: Ensure That You’re Always in The Loop

You can’t just drop the tasks and leave. To deliver the best ghostwriting services, the writer will still need your input.

After you’ve provided them with your content brief, they can begin work on your book. But before they start typing for the day, you should request a summary of what they’re about to write.

This way, you’ll always be in the know of each chapter’s direction.

Another thing you should do consistently is to proofread what they’ve written.

Offer feedback for improvements with the “Track Changes” feature under the “Review” options in MS Word. This way, their content will slowly but surely shift entirely to your liking.

Tip 5: Collaborate For The Book’s Final Edits

This one may actually push publishing time a bit farther away. But it’s the finalization. So, your focus here needs to be quality rather than time.

Of course, you can always review the final draft of your book by yourself.

But remember, you didn’t write the entire thing. So, you don’t know the entirety of what’s relevant for what, and how something makes sense where.

This means you’ll need your ghostwriter by your side for this.

It’ll take a bit of time, but it’ll be worth it. When you understand each other’s approaches for the final edit, you can steer the book’s content in the right direction more accurately.

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