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Spruce up your home: 6 creative ideas for a cozier home

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A home is a personal statement of the owner.

A home reflects the personality and aptitudes of the individuals who inhabit it.

We invest money and energy into cladding making our home as beautiful and cozy as possible, since we spend a large part of our time in there.

Home improvement and beautification, however, need not be an expensive affair.

Here we give you a variety of creative tips on how to make your living space cozier without spending much.

1. Add a reading nook

Nothing gives a house a classic, elegant ambiance like books, and a nook. With the right kind of lighting and seating, a reading nook will be an asset to any home. I recommend to paint it white, its better to read when the room is white and if you need help with painting then book an estimate here. It just needs a readjustment of some furniture, lighting and bookshelves really. Don´t forget that you can easily Buy Antique Furniture Online.

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It gets even better when you have natural light streaming in from a window, and you are just surrounded by books. If you want you can add mesh banner which are stylish and easy to set up.

Image courtesy: cottagelife_com

If you do not have enough space for a reading nook, give a make over to the space under your staircase.

Image courtesy: buzzfeed_com

It could even be the ultimate space saver that looks supremely cozy. Add a tier to your living room sitting space, to create an ultra-special reading space. This reading space could double up as a bed if need be. Do not forget to install medical alert systems if you live in a home with your elderly parents, it could save their life and you should consider getting security devices which we recommend to buy from Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems.

Image courtesy: ofdesign_net

2. Add fabric frames to mirrors and photos

Sometimes, you may feel like adding some colour and character to the frames in your house. Some of the old photos in black frames could be given a whole new character by pasting some fabric onto them. You can change it as often as you want!

Image courtesy: buzzfeed_com

The same could be done to mirrors, to make them appear more chic and looked – after.

Image courtesy: justagirlblog_com

You could add a frame to something as drab and mundane as a key holder! Pick a stylish frame and add just a few hooks. If you like, it can even be used to hang some pretty jewelry too!

Image courtesy: topinspired_com

3. Let unique DIY lamps light up your home

These DIY lamps are made from paper, wood and other easily accessible and affordable material or you can go for the Modern Place Linear Pendant LED Light when decorating their room.

Wood shavings of different sizes are joined together to create this lamp.

The following starburst lamp is made from paper! Can you imagine? It was made by paper cut triangular and glued together in this shape. The result is fabulous.

Image courtesy: the3rsblog.wordpress_com

This lamp is made from real firewood, sliced perfectly to make a lamp.

Image courtesy: boredpanda_com

You could create a sophisticated-looking chandelier just from plastic spoons!

Image courtesy: boredpanda_com

4. Floor pillows and cushions

Add floor pillows in bohemian, earthy or bold colours, to give your home the extra colourful yet cozy feel. Floor pillows and cushions double up as furniture, coffee tables, reading spaces, and just cuddly things to hug as you sit by the fire place. You can even change thh color for your tile grout with grouts by weber to make it match the color of your pillow.

Image courtesy: shelterness_com

On a light deck as shown below, any kind of furniture may look out of place. Just a few cushions should do the job perfectly, and in style.

Image courtesy: shelterness_com

What better way to snuggle up to the fireplace than with a few fluffy floor pillows?

Image courtesy: shelterness_com

Instead of investing on an expensive sofa, you could just lie on cushions and watch television! As a bonus, you can have any number of people over. No scampering around for extra chairs! An alternatively you can install fireplaces for the wall that take less space and are closed flame, should that me preferable. But if you purchase a massage chair you will be saving a lot more space plus yo will get your kids and family a well deserving massage.

Image courtesy: shelterness_com

Floor pillows can be a worthy addition to any room, just because sometimes, you just want to sprawl down and read a book!

Image courtesy: shelterness_com

5. Plants

Green outdoor spaces and indoor plants which are aesthetically placed, will give your home the freshness of dewy leaves. There are many ways in which plants can be beautifully grown outside and inside the home.

A raised flowerbed is a beautiful option outside. All it takes is a few pieces of wood, and adhesives to connect them. It can be used to grow just about anything the size of a shrub.

If your garden is full of ups and downs, there is no need to level the ground. You can landscape around the lay of the land, and in the process, create some play space for the kids too!

Plants are no less attractive inside, and there are so many different ways to have them indoors. You could paint your own plant pots, in colors of your choice.

Image courtesy: missrenaissance_com

 You could even have a candle in your flowerpot. Flowerpot candles are amazing deco for a candlelight dinner both inside and outside the house. They are perfect for a garden party, along with the best Kids Party Entertainers you will definitely have the best party! Do you know what is also great for parties? At Minneapolis Bounce Houses there are some great ones that we’ve used before and if you´re in the Minneapolis area, then make sure to visit this website because The Twin Cities Kids Club has just launched a new Website so check it out!

Arranging different-sized flowerpots one on top of the other can give you a cascading flower arrangement. The fill vacant corners perfectly.

If you want to grow herbs in your wet kitchen or in the balcony, but lack the space for it, why not have them in mason jars mounted on the wall? These vertical gardens are the answer to the lack of space experienced in most modern apartments.

Image courtesy: notjustahousewife_net

6. Photo displays: Display your memorable moments in creative ways

Photos can be displayed at home in a multitude of ways, without the help of expensive photo frames.

The following DIY photo hanger can be made by yourself, using a few pieces of wood. This homemade ladder is just propped up against a wall, and gives a rustic look.

A photo clock is not just a way of displaying your favorite photos, it even doubles up as a functional clock!

A photo collage is a wonderful idea that is very easy on your wallet. With a couple of foam core boards and double-sided tape, this wonderful creation can be made for your wall.

Image courtesy: blog_bitsofeverything_com

Would you like to have a custom-made frame where you could add the context for each photo?

Paint a wall with chalkboard paint, and draw your own frames to match the size, shape and color of your photos. The bonus is that you can change the ‘frames’ and the photos as often as you like! And it gives an opportunity to jot down the context of each photo, and your comments on each one.

Image courtesy: homesthetics_net

How about your ideas for home improvement?

Keep us posted about your own unique and creative ideas to give a face-lift for your home.


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