20 awesome Halloween costume DIY ideas for kids

Time for trick-or-treating?

Halloween traditionally falls on 31 October, on the eve of the All Hallow’s Day, a Western Christian Observance. It is the time of the year in the Christian calendar when martyrs, saints (hallows) and all the faithful departed are remembered.

Popular Halloween activities include attending Halloween costume parties, trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, visiting haunted attractions, and lighting bonfires around which people may sit and tell each other horror stories.

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Halloween costume parties are famous for the different outlandish appearances the attendees make, modeled after animals, monsters, skeletons, vampires, witches or devils. Sometimes, even popular characters from fiction and celebrities appear at these costume parties, and there are even pet and dog lovers, who get little costumes for their dogs, from sites like Novelty Street, so they can go trick or treating too.

How about kids at Halloween? Well, they have a blast! Let us look at some awesome costumes for kids to go trick-or-treating at Halloween.

1. Lego mini figures

You could definitely dress up as a LEGO Mini-fig. The head is strong but lightweight foam, and the wearer can see through the eyes, which are covered with mesh speaker fabric. Your friend is of course a Lego block.

2. Umbrella bat

This bat costume is very easy to make and very effective! Just make it out of a black broken umbrella and black ribbon.

3. Cheshire cat

This is an award-winning costume, and looks really authentic. Made with gray and blue fur, it took quite a bit of time in the making, as you can imagine.

4. Junior samurai

Made from cardboard with one side peeled off to reveal the corrugation, this little samurai is a winner. Look at his origami helmet!

5. The pirate crew

What fires up boys’ imagination more than pirates do? Here they are, dressed up in homemade pirate costumes that cost next to nothing.

6. Transformer

This very authentic looking transformer is surely a winner, but it takes some time and patience to find the material and to construct it. However, it is worth the trouble.

7. The sun costume

This cheery costume for your sweet heart is very easy to make. All you need is a yellow sweatshirt, elastic, orange and yellow felt, rickrack, fabric glue, pipe cleaners and a large safety-pin. The smiling face of the sun can be made from felt.

8. Little devil

Your little one will transform into a little devil, ready for trick-or-treating, in no time. This is an easy Halloween costume. All you need is a red sweatshirt, red ribbon, fabric glue, red paint, and red felt, and of course some time and patience.

9. White rabbit

This cute white rabbit costume is a no-sew construction, made of white sweatshirt. All you need is the sweatshirt, marabou boa, glue and a pair of scissors.

10. Scuba diver

For the scuba diver costume, you need scouring pads, a soda bottle, and other household products: nylon webbing, Velcro, rubber tubing and so on. A black hooded sweatshirt and leggings will complete the diver look!

11. Tomato

This cute costume just needs red sweatshirt, red leggings, and green fabric felt as its basic stuff. You could make the tomato be rounder by making the sweatshirt go below the knee or all the way to the ankles. Glue it up and you are ready to go!

12. Lightning bolt

What is better for an energetic kid than a bright lightning bolt costume? You need an over-size black shirt, heavy card-stock, silver lame, black felt, black gloves, and fabric glue for this great looking costume. He is sure to electrify the whole town!

13. Raining cats and dogs

This clever theme is going to be a sure hit in your neighborhood! A child size clear umbrella, black poster board, black sticky felt, fabric pencil, gray thread, and a needle are the things you need. Have a raincoat on, and rain boots too. Your kid will have a blast this Halloween, especially with pet lovers!

14. Smart phone with ear buds

Smart phones are favorites with kids, so why not let them dress up in one? All you need is to take a screenshot of your phone’s screen and another of the back of the phone. Enlarge it at a copy center and stick the images to two cardboard pieces. Tie the pieces with a string. Potholders covered with foam can be used as the ear buds.

15. Hot air balloon

This could be the easiest of all Halloween costumes but an original one! With just a laundry basket and a balloon, your kid could be a hit in the neighborhood. If you are brave enough, you could try a helium balloon! Well, in the trick-or-treating crowd, this costume will surely make it easy to spot your kid from far.

16. Cute woodland fairy

Would like a twist to the typical fairy costume? Make this autumn-inspired skirt and pair it with a crown, a set of wings, and a magic wand. You could make the skirt into a full-length dress too, for a more dressed-up look.

17. Wind-up doll

With a piece of cardboard and glue, this is an easy costume, and a very effective one. Your kid can really get into the character if she can robot-walk up and down the street for the effect.

18. Shark

The deadly predator of the sea turns adorable in this very easy DIY costume. Your little one is sure to scare off some helpless fish in the neighborhood.

19. Upside down kid

Looks weird, right? All you need is to get a pair of pants that fit your head, and to cut eye-holes. Then get a shirt that will reach up. Safety pin the pants and the shirt. Pin a ski mask or a hat to the shirt. You could blow up a balloon inside of the hat, to fill it out more. Put gloves on the feet, and shoes/socks on the hands. Now you are ready to go!

20. A newborn popcorn

Who said newborns could not dress up for Halloween? You do not even have to disrupt nap-time. Decorate the baby carrier and slip it on! What better costume can you find for your baby’s first Halloween!

How about your own ideas for kids’ Halloween experience this year? Do let us know.


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