Safety Rules For Children While Using The Social Media And The Net

Parents tend to stress over the security and safety of their kids. These days, online networking, and social media platforms make it significantly harder to shield their identities. Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms make it simple for individuals round the globe to share pictures and private information. Likewise, they also make it easier for online character hoodlums and other offenders to use other people’s footage for criminal purposes, but people can now be safer and record any evidence of criminal activity with this USB voice recorder 8gb.

It is hard to control on how your photos may be used once you post them on the web. It is even significantly harder for people who are not technically perceptive. Clueless users may not be aware of the way they share information, and which can open their kids’ photographs to digital and cyber predators. Here are some more information tips that you have to know before sharing your kids’ photographs on the web.

GPS Labeling

Posting pictures of kids on Facebook using Facebook post template has turned into a routine practice for parents. Number of parents upload and transfer pictures that have been taken with the help of their mobile phones. What most of the parents do not realize is that the GPS (global positioning system) has been enabled on their cell phones. This enables any cyber-criminal to track and locate their exact location.

Photographs that have been taken with a computerized digital gadget, particularly those which have the GPS technology, have embedded labels that can give away your personal data. The time you took the photograph and your precise location can be revealed through these embedded geo labels. In fact, if you snap a photo at home using your phone camera, it is likely that an outsider could discover where you possibly reside. So if you actually want to take with pictures with without any geo tagging you can use one of the best 360 camera 2017 for taking the best panoramic pictures.

This does not mean parents should never upload any more photographs or pictures. In fact, it is better to adopt a safe approach will secure your privacy, and lessen any chances of becoming a victim to a digital predator. Deactivate the GPS facility on your cell phone or your tablet before taking a photograph. Keep it inactivated when you upload the photograph on to the net. Be cognizant of what data is being transmitted prior to posting your photographs.

Picture Misrepresentation

Sometime back, a young army man’s photograph was lifted from one of the popular social media sites by an online hacker, and was posted on some popular dating and adult sites. The picture was replicated by the hacker to open a couple of fake records. The hacker eventually cheated a couple of women out of thousands of dollars. Tragically, when this was traced back, the soldier had absolutely no idea as to what had transpired. Unfortunately, this is only one of numerous stories of individuals who have succumbed to picture misrepresentation by online hackers.

In the event that your photographs or your kid’s photographs are visible to the public, they are likely to be abused by cyber criminals. It is terribly simple to Photoshop these images a bit and give it the resemblance and the personality of another person.

The ideal approach to feel secure about the photographs you share, is to be sure to with whom you are sharing, also only use apps that have impressive app store optimization because you will then know that those apps are trustworthy. That way, any potential threat can be significantly brought down. You can ensure that your kids’ photographs are protected by applying these guidelines:

  • Check your privacy settings on online social networking platforms. Facebook, for instance, permits their patrons to control who can see their photographs. You can either select everyone, or friends of friends. These alternatives can be changed as and when required under the privacy settings tab.
  • A recent study revealed that over 40 percent of youngsters accepted friend requests from individuals that they did not even know. Suppose, you have a listing of hundred friends, the chances are that you have a few “friends” that you don’t have the foggiest idea about who they are. Do a recheck, review, and alter your friends list. Likewise, your friends and family would have to do the same, so that access to your private data is limited.


Many individuals are becoming more and more worried about online security. However, on the other side, there are numerous people who offer excessive quantity of personal data. It has to be remembered that we lose control of our personal data, once it is revealed online. Hence, there are three security issues to remember:

  • Try not to share photographs that disclose personal data in any way. For example, do not disclose your daughter’s name of school, or her full name, or her birthday, or such similar information. Do not reveal her school address or home address. Better still, try not to put their photographs at all until such time they are ready to look after themselves.
  • Abstain from posting humiliating photos of your children. In other words, do not post photos of your kids in the nude, as it could be embarrassing later on, as they would still be available in the web.
  • Google Image Search can locate your kids’ photographs anywhere on the net. Upload a photo and the search engine can locate the photograph, regardless of the possibility that the photograph has been edited or resized. Even if the same photo is posted anywhere on the web, Google will locate it. Many individuals have been stunned to find that their kids’ profile pictures have been utilized without their consent. Although, it can be quite exasperating, it is a smart idea to examine if another site is utilizing your kids’ photo without your permission.

It is important to educate yourself about the permissions on social media platforms and on how to secure your kids’ data. As confidential information is valuable, it can prove extremely detrimental if fallen on the wrong hands. So upload responsibly and ensure the safety of your kids.


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