Rust 5 Tips and Tricks for New Players and Pros

Rust is a survival game that you can play in multiplayer mode. This has quickly become every gamer’s favorite. This game has no goal or rules. You make your own rules here, which makes it more fun and interesting.

Survival is the main aim of every player, and it is not easy. You have to fight the other players and all the elements of this game. If you are a beginner, you will find this game extremely difficult.

If you want to survive in this game, you need to think realistically. Protect yourself, feed yourself, and keep yourself hydrated to move further on Rust Island. You can do many things in this game, which is the main reason behind its popularity. There are many servers available for you, and you need to move from one server to another.

When you join a server, if you are a beginner, others will outsmart you while you are still figuring out the new environment. So, before you start playing, you must know a few Rust cheats, tricks and tips. These will help you understand the game better, and as a result, you will be able to perform better.

Best 5 tricks and tips to master Rust

Rust is a brutal game. You may get betrayed by your friends, raided by stronger players, or beaten up by a gang of players. So, you must polish your skills before you jump into the Rust world.

You must understand that there will be many stronger players on your server, and you need to play strategically if you want to close the gap. These tricks will make you a better player in this game.

Sweet spots

You will find sweet spots on all the consumables. If you hit these spots with your mining item, you will get more of the given product. This feature is a great help for all the new and existing players. For example, if you cut a tree to get wood, you will see an X on the tree. You must hit that X to get more amount of wood.

Similar marks will appear on every resource. These are sweet spots. These marks will constantly move around the item, so keep mining the resource. Make sure to hit that spot and gather the maximum amount of resources.

Wooden spear

As mentioned above, Rust is an extremely brutal game. As soon as you join the game, you will be attacked. So, the player must be prepared to defend himself. No matter if you are a new player or a pro player, you need weapons to survive this game. So, the first thing you must focus on is crafting weapons.

A wooden spear is the best and easiest option for every player. It is easy to make and costs little. Though this spear will not be enough for later stages in this game, the spear will effectively defeat your opponents at the early stages. You will also get better weapon options as you move forward.


A hatchet is the most valuable and versatile weapon in Rust. You can cut large trees with this weapon. Wood is critical to making new settlements. Without proper settlements, you have to take shelter around rocks.

When you use a small ax to cut trees, you waste a lot of time. It limits you from using your full potential. So, craft a hatchet as soon as possible and make your settlement base stronger. 


Building multiple settlements is an essential thing if you want to survive in this game. This is one of the smartest ways to build a strong base. If you have different settlements, you can flee to those in combat and save yourself.

You can also use all your settlements to keep your collected items. When you are playing such a brutal game, you are expected to die. When you have many settlements, you can re-establish your game even when you get defeated.

Cooking time

Cooking food is an essential activity to surviving in this game, but you need to act smart while cooking. This is one of the many survival lessons that you will learn in this game. You must not cook during the night. The light of the fire will highlight your location to your opponents. Thus, you will become the easiest target for anyone.

Your enemies will trace your exact location and plan a raid. When you are cooking during the day, you will attract less attention, and you will be able to locate any attacking enemy before they reach you.


These are the best five tips that will help you move forward in Rust. Apart from all tricks and tips, you must practice and play strategically. Mastering a game takes time and dedication. So, play Rust and enjoy the adventure.


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