Ring Trends: Modern Engagement Ring Ideas

Wedding or engagement rings, some of these jewellery items always hold a special place in our life. Talking of an engagement ring, whether you choose it alone or along with your spouse, this experience is going to stay with you forever.

A new design will be under process when we speak about the ongoing trends. From designer jewellery to vintage art designs, young freebies are up for anything and everything. Couple bands, eternity bands, traditional rings and antique wedding rings all are up for a huge shout-out, as are emerald engagement rings Australia, which are quickly growing in popularity and becoming a favorite among lovers of coloured gemstones.

A quick note for beginners, always try to make a purchase that resonates with your style and budget. Several customisations are available on websites to make your engagement ring unique and personal. These rings tell your story of true love and compassion.

Well! The final choice is yours only. Let’s start with the trending modern engagement ring ideas for the year 2022.

1. Toi Et Moi:

This year has seen a complete turnaround in the trend. For many years, investing in pure metals was considered a wise move. With changing trends, gemstones have got furious hype. And just in case you are looking for the exact trend, Toi Et Moi is a great option for you. The word itself means you and me. It represents the essence of lovers completely different yet similar to each other in many other ways. The designs of this particular brand come in different gemstone combinations in different sizes. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner are seen recently rocking rings from this brand.

2. Vintage Nostalgia:

There is no certainty in jewellery choices. Couples are no longer tied to a particular brand or type. Thus, antique and vintage jewellery has got its share. This jewellery is a contrasting choice among the modern age engagement rings. No doubt it looks surreal and classy. It gives you the liberty to choose a ring of a particular era, cut and clarity. You can always add a hint of your story with customised carvings and make it a sentimental possession. Vintage Nostalgia is the right place for authentic timeless pieces.

3. Double-Banded Engagement Rings:

Stacking rings with diamond solitaire is the talk of different eras now. The new modification to this trend is the double-banded engagement rings. This ring has a space between two bands and a gemstone placed in the centre. You can have one with embellished bands or keep it simple with just a single solitaire. These rings give a modern approach to traditional rings and suit all sorts of outfits.

4. Diamond Halo Engagement Rings:

Are you a true lover of diamonds? Halo rings are the answer for you. The elegance, class and spark of halo rings are undisputedly marvellous. The prime focus here is the pave diamonds and their setting. The dazzling rings come in all shapes, sizes and colours for the centre gemstone. These rings are considered an evolved version of the traditional diamond solitaire.

5. Asscher Cut Diamond Ring with Baguettes:

Asscher cut diamonds are square with enormous step facets and high crowns. These rings offer unmatched brilliance. The cherry on the cake is the addition of baguettes to this timeless piece of jewellery. These diamond rings give a luxurious look to your personality. The investment in these rings is often big depending upon the carat, shape and setting of diamonds around the shoulder, band and borders of the centerpiece. But in the end, this diamond cut is worth every penny.

6. Chaumet Liens D’Amour Engagement Ring:

This particular brand has been running this jewellery business for the last 240 years. Woooh! That’s a long time to hold strong. They deal in basic jewellery items to high jewellery. This Parisian brand has iconic designs with completely different artistic designs compared to what is flooding your feed. They have a unique sense of making jewellery. You can explore their latest edition of bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and neck chains. It’s a delightful experience to even look at their collection.

7. Mociun Manzanita Engagement Ring:

This particular is in the spotlight for its playful ideas of presenting jewellery in geometrical shapes. The makers of this brand are focused on making jewellery with rare and unusual diamonds and gemstones. This idea makes this brand shine. Their designs are unique and created in a limited number. The brand is based in New York City and rising to fame with every passing year. You can contact them for a customised engagement ring. Manzanita engagement ring is a limited edition ring with just a piece. Hence, it’s an ideal piece for your one-of-a-kind love story.

8. Emerald-Cut Diamond Offset Donut Ring:

Doughnut cut rings are the perfect example of traditional designs merging with a modern approach. This very new concept is picking up the pace to grab the attention of all trendsetters. The elegance of diamonds and gemstones keeps the ring luxurious and classy and the doughnut setting looks fabulous among all basic cuts. If you are the one always looking for something out of the box, this idea is ideal for you.

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