From Blocks to Books – Preparing Preschoolers for High School Success

When speaking about preschool, many people may consider it a daycare or playschool. Parents may consider it as a time for their child to play, explore under supervision, and socialize. They rarely think of this early education as a valuable experience for children.

This blog looks at how preschool can lay the foundation for later education, even high school education, and why it is worth investing in early childhood education

Ways Preschool Prepares Preschoolers for High School Success

A preschool education is the very first step in a child’s journey to a good education. Due to this reason, preschool education is even more important in the larger picture of preparations for further studies in the form of high school.

1. Cognitive Development

Preschool children are exposed to several stimulating activities daily. These activities include puzzles, building blocks, and identifying and using objects. All of these activities activities enhance the child’s abilities.

Cognitive abilities are very important in personal life and education. They include critical thinking, memory skills, and problem-solving. The initial development is through preschool activities.

2. Social Skill Development

During preschool, children will be introduced to new children and social interactions for the first time. They will be taught how to navigate these experiences and express their emotions. They have the opportunity to socialize with other children their age as well as teachers.

Good social skills are essential for success in high school and life in general. Knowing how to collaborate, show empathy, and act around others is important throughout education and career. Preschool also teaches children resilience and adaptability, crucial skills for handling high school challenges.

3. Language and Communication

During preschool years, children absorb a lot, very fast. This includes vocabulary and language skills. Activities including stories, peer conversations, and learning aids are all vital. They put forth a strong foundation for reading, writing, and speaking.

The foundation laid in preschool will influence language development and communication in later education. This will help in high school as language skills do influence the ability to express ideas and knowledge. 

4. Motor Skills

Carrying out certain activities that involve cutting, drawing, sticking, and playing with small objects helps children develop fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are developed through physical activities like running, climbing, and dancing.

Starting physical activities early on in life will help individuals to grow a liking for them. This would allow them to excel and even participate in high school sports and physical education classes.

5. Independence & Confidence

One of the most important skills to have is independence and confidence. The starting point for individuals is through preschool education. These two skills help children of all age levels and backgrounds to excel and achieve their goals.

High school students will require independence and organization skills to complete their assignments on time. In turn, they will have to take responsibility for their learning. Being confident also provides individuals with better management skills.

6. Emotional Stability

It is during preschool that children learn to recognize and effectively deal with their emotions. Developing emotional intelligence during preschool is important as it helps later on in high school. Preschool also teaches children to share, console each other, and work as a team.

High school can be stressful with academic pressure and social situations. This makes it even more vital to have mastered emotional intelligence by the time they arrive at high school.

7. Curiosity and Love for Learning

The most important way preschool equips individuals for high school is by using that natural curiosity to create a love for learning. A major part of high school success requires a learning mindset.

Preschool children have a natural curiosity and this can be incited through exploring, experiments, and hands-on activities. Through a love for learning, children will be well set for a successful higher education.

The academic solutions provider Kreedo uses this natural curiosity to create a love for learning in children. Through our play-based curriculum, we help children learn, shifting from practical learning to theory learning. This all aids in developing firm foundations for a successful high school education. 


It turns out that blocks to books act as a crucial preparation to shape a child towards high school success. Investing in early childhood education is well worth it. It doesn’t just lead to educational achievements, it also leads to all-round personal and physical development.

Parents, teachers, and educators know the critical role preschool plays in creating the best foundation for all future educational success of children. Not just in preschool, or primary school, but later on in high school as well.        


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