Nine Tips for Designing your Kids’ Bathroom on a Budget

Redesigning a kid’s bathroom comes with a whole lot of fun and imagination. You can play around with bold colors, funky wallpapers, quirky fixtures, and the list is endless. As a parent, you want your kid’s bathroom to be playful yet functional and mess-free. You want the amenities to make navigation for the kids independent and hassle-free.

With some attention to detail, you can quickly achieve the perfect bathroom your kiddo wants without breaking the bank.

With that said, here are nine tips for designing your kids’ bathroom.

1. Upgrade the Amenities

Contemporary amenities can breathe new life into an old, shabby bathroom. Particularly for kids, you want clean and efficient amenities to make the space lively and fresh.

You can do tub-to-shower conversion if you have limited space and want a modern and sleek touch in the bathroom. Since kids love to splash water, consider shower enclosures or surround options. Go for durable materials like acrylic that are grout-free and easily cleaned.

If you want to keep the tub for fun baths, you can upgrade a dirty bathtub with liners to save you money and time. Moreover, replacing a white bathtub with a colored one brings more color to the bathroom. Pastels are classy and always in vogue.

We also suggest finding a professional to ensure a job well done. Most parents try DIY’ing bathroom projects and hurt themselves and their bank accounts.

You can easily find a professional in your location by searching for Luxury Bath bathtub remodel expert near me on a search engine.

2. Revamp the Vanity

You can replace the countertop to get a cleaner look in the bathroom. A hot pink or blue countertop adds the just-right pop of color to a monochrome bathroom.

You can get a customized matching footstool to go with your youthful countertop. Kiddy sinks are functional but aren’t a great choice for the long haul because children outgrow them in no time.

A customized pouf is another excellent idea to incorporate texture and color in the bathroom.

3. Buy Stock Cabinets

Another inexpensive yet excellent idea is to buy stock cabinets in white or neutral colors.

You can easily customize the basic cabinets with self-adhesive tile stickers. From geometric to floral patterns and everything in between, you can find something to compliment and add value to your bathroom.

Adhesive tiles or stickers make cleaning hassle-free which, as a parent, is primarily the top priority. You can change the color or theme easily once the kids are bored or outgrow the color.

4. Hang-Up Kids Artwork

Killing two birds with one stone! If you want to paint the walls and customize the kid’s bathroom, hang up their artwork in trendy frames and choose colorful and vibrant frames for a modern look.

Choose materials like acrylic that can withstand moisture and heat; you’re all set.

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5. Open Shelves/Baskets

There’s never enough storage in a kid’s bathroom. An inexpensive idea to add more easy-to-use storage for your kids is bringing in some baskets and open shelves. These will keep the space clutter-free and tidy while keeping the essentials easy for kids to access.

You can make it a family project to customize the baskets to go with the theme or color of the bathroom. Spray-painting the baskets or gluing vibrant fabric with the bathroom theme is an excellent idea to engage the kids while building the bathroom.

6. Get Customized Linen

Customized towels are a great way to incorporate the theme and add a touch of luxury to the bathroom. Kids’ names with their favorite cartoon characters on bathrobes and towels are kids’ favorite.

Colorful towels are more fun and easy to clean than white linen. Throw in matching bathmats for a cohesive and clean look for the kids’ bathroom.

7. Add Stylish Lights

Add modern and stylish lights if you want the bathroom to be trendy and fun. Neon lights in different shapes, like clouds, are all the rage and look fancy.

Moreover, you can also choose a colorful chandelier for the center light to add the right amount of light and oomph to the bathroom. Led mirrors are another way to add much-needed light to the countertop.

8. Add Wallpaper

Wallpapers significantly upgrade dull and dingy walls without breaking the bank. If you aren’t ready for a new paint job, look for easily removable and stick-on DIY options.

Wallpapers are parents’ wishes come true. The cherry on top is the endless choice of colors, patterns, and materials. Look for durable and easy-to-clean options. If you don’t want to go overboard, accent one wall with wallpaper to create a focal point in the bathroom.

9. Upgrade the Floors

You want no-slip, grout-free, and easy-care bathroom floors. Ceramic and vinyl floor tiles are generally inexpensive and durable choices. Geometric patterned tiles look contemporary and add oomph to the bathroom. They can provide the color of a bland bathroom.

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Redesigning your kids’ bathroom on a budget sounds intimidating, but it is an excellent way for the family to bond and have fun. You can do wonders to a shabby and outdated bathroom with some effort and creativity.  

Include colorful designs and modern fixtures to make the bathroom inviting. At the same time, use durable materials to ensure longevity. Again, we suggest speaking to a professional before starting such a project. Communicate your needs and clarify the budget to avoid hidden expenses.

Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity to engage your kids in this endeavor; they’ll appreciate your efforts in making their space welcoming and efficient.

We hope you learned something from this article. If you feel we’ve missed anything, let us know in the comments below.  


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