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Let the Orthodontics Specialists Care for Your Kid’s Dental Health

During the growth period, children’s mouths also constantly change. It can result in dental misalignments, too, due to genetics, use of pacifiers, thumb-sucking habits, baby tooth loss, etc. Dental misalignment can manifest as overcrowding, crooked teeth, or bite issues. If you want to ensure your kid’s dental well-being, opt for a timely orthodontics evaluation. An orthodontics specialist can examine the mouth and detect potential problems at an early stage. Because of medical intervention at a proper time, your kid’s jaw and new permanent teeth can grow the right way. Also, this step helps prevent even hidden issues, such as irregular eruption patterns.

Typical orthodontic issues in children

If you live in Lincoln City, Schoettger Orthodontics can be the best place for family dentistry. They can treat your kid for overcrowding, overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, and protruding teeth issues. Overcrowded teeth result from insufficient space for new teeth growth. As a consequence, these grow crooked or overlapped. These have aesthetic issues and induce gum disease and tooth decline due to cleaning troubles. The overbite issue relates to the front teeth on the upper jaw. They overlap the teeth on the lower jaw during biting, causing dental wear and tear, discomfort, and speech difficulty. One can also be at risk of TMJ.

Underbite refers to the protruding of front teeth on the lower jaw forward than the upper teeth. Due to this misalignment, kids struggle with chewing, jaw growth, and speech. Their teeth can become damaged without proper treatment, and jaw joints may suffer. As for crossbite, this situation happens when the upper teeth sit behind the lower teeth during biting. Crossbites can create misaligned jaws, dental damage, and jaw joint troubles. Your child can struggle with dental functionality. In the case of an open bite, kids tend to have considerable distance between the lower and upper front teeth during biting. Due to this, they fail to chew, bite, or speak properly. With protruding teeth, the risk of tooth loss is always higher if the person falls or has an accident. Oral hygiene and low confidence are other aspects.

Orthodontic treatment

Kids can benefit from braces, whether crooked teeth or other dental misalignment issues. The suitable age for this can be nine or so. But it would help if you took them to a dentist at least when they are seven years of age. Your orthodontist will examine your kid’s oral condition, habits, bite, and airway to know whether they can wear the braces. Also, early diagnosis helps quickly fix minor or growing issues with little adjustments. They can work on their facial symmetry, make space in their mouth to avoid the risk of overcrowding, alleviate the risk of jaw surgery, rectify a lousy bite, etc.

When you meet an orthodontist with your kid, the specialist will check your kid’s jaw development and erupting teeth. They will also verify if his bite is normal. However, they may also recommend close monitoring on spotting certain risks if the kid is yet to reach a proper age to receive a specific treatment. Nevertheless, consulting the specialists can be an enriching experience for both parents and children. Your kids will learn good oral hygiene habits.


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